Been nice? Been naughty? Who are you kidding of course you’ve been naughty! No matter which list you or your Metal obsessed loved one is on, we have the gift for you just in time to give shipping a chance in hell of getting there. Show your love for the Metal underground in cold hard cash and come correct like the fucking all star gift giver that you are. It’s been a shitstorm of a year so make it all worthwhile with pure vinyl awesome-sauce. Seriously, flick this post to people in need of an idea and you CANNOT go wrong.

Here are the sack filling goodies recommended by the staff here at the Wanderlust. Follow the links and bring the blackened abysmal joy that only Metal can bring. Cop these beautiful specimens, sonically in all cases, physically in others!

Furnace “Dark Vistas”

It’s only on black vinyl or CD/digital but what it lacks in exciting colour scheme it more than makes up for in listen-ability …. it’s my album of the year! Swedish Death Metal with a Gothic/Thrash/ Lovecraft twist. (Jools)

Tomorrow’s Rain – “Hollow”

Tomorrow’s Rain, in case you’re unaware, released one of 2020’s best with “Hollow.” It’s wonderful, but what’s even more wonderful… they released it in both English and in Hebrew! Both versions are brilliant! (VUK)

And the Hebrew version:

Vülor“Death Cult”

An extremely unique sounding band, Vülor use traditional instruments to blow your mind. ‘Nuff said. (VUK)

Heads For The Dead – “Into The Red”

It’s Metal. It rhymes. It’s so perfectly wonderful for festive times! In the interests of honesty that nonsense was not written by Trendcrusher so don’t let it diminish his top notch call. Any Metal gift recipient would be thrilled to get this. (Trendcrusher)

Bull of Apis, Bull of Bronze – “Offerings of Flesh and Gold”

This trio of talented musicians came out of nowhere to drop their debut LP on the world back in 2019. The blend of ambient atmosphere and fiery ritualistic Black Metal checks a lot of boxes for me, so much so that the release landed in the number one spot on my Top 50 that year, and if I were to do a Best-Of list for last decade, “Offerings” would hold the top spot there too. Initially, the album was only available digitally and on cassette, but the incredible Tridroid Records (who released the cassette version) stepped out of their comfort zone to present us with their first ever vinyl release. The vinyl, presented in Translucent Purple with Yellow Splatter is beautiful. I can attest to this personally, as I have a copy on my shelf. Artwork is by the talented Alex CF. Copies are currently still available (check the Season of Mist store in Europe or Tridroid Records Bandcamp in the US), but only 100 were made, so grab one before they are gone. (Hayduke X)

Armoured Angel “Demo MCMXCV”

Pretty sure the original copy of this that I bought back in the day is now buried in a ton of landfill somewhere, or one of me ex’s has it hidden in a cupboard. Armoured Angel at their finest, a band from my local scene back in Canberra, and arguably one of Australia’s finest ever, their story ended way too soon, and this is them at their crushing best without a doubt. A must have for any fans of the finest Metal. Not released until the 30th of December, but who fucking cares, order the bastard NOW! (The Great Mackintosh)

Ataraxy – “Revelations of the Ethereal”

I’ve read that “Revelations of the Ethereal” was released in 2012. That may very well be, in one way or another, I honestly don’t know positively. I do know the version I heard was released this October, via Me Saco Un Ojo Records. Me Saco Un Ojo is a UK label that releases some of the heaviest shit the underground has to offer (Undergang, Faceless Burial, Gorephilia). One of those labels you just buy shit from because they are who they are, and consistently release quality music with quality packaging. Ataraxy‘s “Where All Hope Bleeds” is a modern classic, and “Revelations of the Ethereal” isn’t far behind. This vinyl release comes in a ridiculously awesome looking yellow/green splatter variant. Get one! (VUK)


Gravehuffer – Necroeclosion

Yep, you may have seen this one pop up recently on our pages a bit more often. The ‘Huff can make you feel alive again. They have the ability to cover all genre’s, and yet not seem like they are try hard suck holes. Their music is genuine. It can remind a Metal fan from the eighties just how good is was back then, and everyone since then just how good Metal fucking is. The simple fact is that they aren’t doing anything more than being themselves, and for that I applaud them. Quite simply a must have, and yeah the vinyl is still in pre – order stage, and the album won’t be out till January next year, but imagine the happy little faces around the Xmas tree when they realise that they will soon be able to actually hold this fucking soon to be piece of Metal history. I would give my left Kidney for a note under my tree saying that it was on it’s way, if only I had a kidney to give (my other one got given to Michael Jackson, and look what happened..). Seriously top notch shit. Nuff said. (The Great Mackintosh)

Vials of Wrath – “Dark Winter Memories”

Though this album was released in 2019, it was pretty late in the game. December, as a matter of fact, and I didn’t hear it until later in the Winter. Late January or early February, 2020. Partially because of its release date, I think this one flew under a lot of people’s radar, and that’s a real shame. “Dark Winter Memories” has kept me warm all year, especially during some of the darkest days (and God knows we’ve all had a ton of those this year). I was lucky enough to have a chat with songwriter Dempsey Mills about his work on this record (link below), consequently making it even more special for anyone who has the chance to read what he’s got to say on the material. It’s a brilliant album. Full of passion, pain, darkness, and light. You cannot go wrong. (VUK)

Lantern – “Dimensions

If you want a Death Metal record that pleases fans of Voivod, Slayer, Possessed and Slayer and looks and sounds damn solid, here’s your album #1 for the purpose! (ProgCaveOgier)

Revolting – “The Shadow at the World’s End”

As an actual gift, I would be ecstatic if I received any of the vinyl releases on Transcending Obscurity Records. Getting all five colour variants of this one would be really cool as a collector! (John Suffering AND Rotnoxnatl AND Trendcrusher)

(0) –Skamhan

Spotify told me this album was one of my top five played albums – for a fucking reason! Just a beautiful evolution of Black Metal, Post Rock and general awesomeness. I listen to music a lot on the go, don’t be like me – buy the fucking vinyl. (Your Grouchy Friend)


Lie in Ruins – Floating in Timeless Streams

Stylistically near demo era Belial, that hard hitting, dismal Extreme Metal that is Death Metal, but with the eerie no-nonsense approach of Black Metal bands. Lie in Ruins have delivered their best album to date. (ProgCaveOgier)


Yatra –All is Lost

A three-piece Stoner/Doom Metal band from Ocean City, Maryland USA. Fucking spectacular in damn near every way possible! The guitar work, brought to us by Dana Helmuth, is absolutely brilliant…. full of soul. Layers of fuzz, sustain, and space-aged slide melodies. Helmuth also provides a growl not too unlike Eremit‘s Maritz Fabian, to which most couldn’t help but scream “Fuck yes!” Maria Geisbert (bass) and Mike Tull (drums) round out the trio, and to great effect. They sound as if they’ve been playing together for twenty years. Released (and recorded at) Baltimore based Grimoire Records, a label I’m not overly familiar with, if I’m being honest. But based on the release of “All Is Lost,” that will soon change. Highly recommended listening! (VUK)


Skeleton –Skeleton

A smashing debut full length release from the Austin, Texas based band. Their catchy mix of Death Metal/Thrash/Black and Punk is highly infectious and will leave one with a very sore cranium after you bang that fucking head like a maniac as you listen. Another stellar release from 20 Buck Spin this year. (Trendcrusher)

GRIND – “Songs of Blood and Liberation”

Another of my top five most played. Another debut. Flensburg Germany are well and truly in the house. Get yourself some brutality of exceptional quality and get it on vinyl. (Your Grouchy Friend)


Aedris – Possessed Steel

This debut album from the Canadian quartet is a concept album set in medieval time. The tale told through good ole Heavy Metal is complemented by an old school, warm production. The album cover art looks great on Vinyl, and would be a great addition to your collection. (Trendcrusher)

Killitorous – “The Afterparty”

This won’t get there in time for Christmas but we had to put it in here because it’s just soooooooo pretty… and an absolutely ball-tearingly fun album too. (Your Grouchy Friend)


Convocation –Ashes Coalesce

It’s fair to say that I’m not much of a Funeral Doom guy. It’s also fair to say that Convocation, with their Funeral Doom/Death Doom hybrid, are a notable exception to that rule. “Scars Across,” their debut was, second on my list the year it came out, being beat only by the timeless Huntsmen album “American Scrap” (and then, not by much…a close race to the end). When “Ashes Coalesce” dropped, I was one of the lucky 100 to snag a copy of the original variant edition on the first day (by the second day, it was sold out) and the black vinyl didn’t take much longer. Yesterday, on the final Bandcamp Friday of the year, Everlasting Spew Records released a second pressing in an “Eliminate Eliminate” variant and regular black versions. The album is exceptional and I predict won’t last long. Jump on their Bandcamp or website and get a copy before they too are gone. (Hayduke X)


Graceless –Where Vultures Know Your Name

One would feel a bit remiss if one (that being me) didn’t mention this spectacular effort from our mates over at Graceless. Since the end of March this beast of an album has been assaulted from all sides by many a band, and yet the bodies keep piling up and this one circles above them all picking off the weak, the struggling, and the just plain dead. If the opener “Lugdunum Batavorum” didn’t make you soil your breeches, try “Nine Days of Mourning.” Yes, nothing better in the holiday period to be reminded of the fact that your saviour has abandoned you, forsaken you even. But fuck him, the real tale ended with the three wise men running out of water somewhere in the filthy stinking hot desert and having large birds of prey pick apart their rotting corpses.

Graceless have stepped above and beyond with this one, some of the heaviest shit the world will ever be graced with, and I do believe they may have a few fancy copies left of the Vinyl variety, so best be quick! As the Vulture creed demands, first in first served! (The Great Mackintosh)


Feminazgul No Dawn For Men

And here’s one for my own holiday wish list. For their second vinyl offering, Trodroid Records have chosen the beautiful and harrowing second release by Feminazgul, an American Black Metal duo. Though two bonus tracks which are available digitally and on the cassette version are not on the vinyl, I’m sure that means the quality will be correspondingly better. The variant is “Translucent Green with Beer and Bone splatters” and looks stunningly beautiful in the pictures. Hopefully one of these can fit down my chimney this December. (Hayduke X)

And that’s a wrap! An Xmas paper one at that! Hopefully this inspires a few excellent gift ideas, and we here at The Metal Wanderlust wish you all an extremely Metal festive season!


The TMW staff.

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