Feature – Futility


Futility would dead set have to be one of the most under rated bands in not only the Australian Metal scene as far as I am concerned, but also the international one. Formed back in around 2007, and after releasing their first two track demo, they then released two full length albums of utter mind melting, soul wrenching Doom with more than a splash of Death in the mix, them being the self titled “Futility” (2009) and “The View from Here” (2012).

Line up changes have of course occurred over the years as with many a band. Family, life and commitment issues always happen to even the best, and they decided to chuck the towel in at the 2013 mark. Luckily for us they were resurrected, and although time again brought more struggle along the lines of further internal disruption, Australia burning and Covid to mention just a few which heavily impacted on their recording process, they are set to release some new stuff early next year.


Being the lucky bastard that I am, I have heard some of their new material, and mighty fine it is indeed. The upcoming release goes by the name of “Anhedonic,” and barring any major catastrophes should be released digitally in February of 2021, with physical releases to follow. What can I tell you about it? Well, with out any shadow of a doubt, this is superb, and the writing duo of Kurt Neist (guitars) and Dan Nahum (drums) have certainly excelled themselves. Lead singer Brendan De Bear continues his usual tortured and often harrowing delivery, and new guitarist Mat Newton steps into the fray with some truly monstrous riffs on display. This is the Futility of the past, combined with a fresh set of misery to take them into the gloomy Death ridden future, and that’s about all I can give you for now. Rest assured the minute we can tell you more, we will.


In the meantime, check out their earlier work. We highly suggest you do if you are unfamiliar with the band, and you, like us can ask yourself the question, “Why the fuck hasn’t someone signed this band yet!” Baffling really…. Please enjoy! Many thanks to Kurt for answering all of my ceaseless questions whilst putting this together as well. The man takes patience to a whole new level!




Make sure to check out this link while you are at it.


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