Out Today: Black Out the Sun – Impetus


Many of you may not be aware that one of our fellow writers Megadeaf, who also goes by the name of Aiden DeMaria, has had a solo project by the name of Impetus going since around 2018. Up until now it has been an instrumental affair, but today we are very glad to share with you another step in his musical evolution with the release of a new single, “Black Out the Sun.”

What makes this one even more special than his already fantastic work is that this time has decided to add vocals as well, and the end result is pretty fucking cool to say the very least. Thrash/Death done extremely well, and nothing short of a great listen. We can only hope for more very soon! So anyway, here it is!

As you can see, we weren’t kidding. This stuff is sheerly fucking awesome! Check out the rest of his stuff and his page via the links below, and keep an eye on this young bloke, we’d say he has a bright future ahead for sure!




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