INTERVIEW: Greg Puciato – Killer Be Killed

Your Grouchy Friend had the pleasure of chatting with a very busy and pumped up Greg Puciato on the back of the release of his solo album “Child Soldier: Creator of God,” and the day before the release of the sophomore effort of Killer be Killed – “Reluctant Hero.” A project for which he clearly holds great passion. In a long and wide-ranging discussion, they explored the experiences of working so prolifically, the challenges of creative flow, the prospects of touring, and answer the question that has troubled musicologists since the dawn of time:  Who is the riff-pisser? 

The transcript of the interview can be read below but for those more partial to the audio experience in its warts and all glory hit play in the player. Be sure to scroll on down for the links to the album and videos, and of course to VUK (the magnificent)’s review of Killer Be Killed’s ripping new album “Reluctant Hero.”

Right off the bat, Greg comes out of the blocks all guns blazing and full of energy… 

…It’s coming out, you know the album’s coming out tomorrow you know I had an album come out last month, I’m busy can’t be complaining, can’t complain about being busy you know I’m just fuckin’… everyone’s so fucking stressed out over this fucking election that we’ve got going on here, it’s like fucking Jesus Christ dude can we get to the other side of this already?”

Well, ah… theoretically that should already be the case but ah…?   

Yeah no shit man!”

Well that was gonna be my first question – Brad from The Metal Wanderlust by the way mate, AKA Your Grouchy Friend is what I write under. Thanks a bunch for your time Greg, really appreciate it man. Mate, like you said you’ve been on an incredible artistic run for some time now, that was my first question mate: What the fuck is a day in the life of Greg Puciato like at the moment man? 

I mean it’s pretty fucking hectic.  Right now I’m just doing these phoners all day long for the most part but I’m working on some new stuff musically too so I’m kinda trying to squeeze in some writing when I can. Just like demoing things out, working on a couple different things at the moment that I’m excited about, so I’ve kind of been spending the night time working on new stuff. This just happened, like I wasn’t writing anything at all for the last seven or eight months, I was fucking burnt out you know, and I did both of these records back-to-back last year and then finished them both they both got done being mixed at the same time. They were both being mixed in like March-April of this year the whole year like made through now has just been like trying to set records up and do all that kind of shit behind the scenes which is not really creative, it’s more like just getting shit done and then I was tapped out. Like I mean that’s a lot of output between the 2 records that was like 26 songs worth of output so I was fucking fried you know.”

Mate that’s fucking crazy!

You’ve kinda got to let it come back to you naturally you know? You can’t force it and then over the last couple weeks I’ve just started writing again and it’s like I’m stoked about what’s coming out and I can see where it’s going to go and I’m like oh this thing is going to be Black Queen, this thing is going to be more solo stuff, this thing is going to go in the next Killer Be Killed record pile, and I’ve got some other collaborations going on behind the scenes that I can’t talk about that’s going to go in this pile. So I’m kind of I feeling good now again creatively. You never know man, my biggest fear is that every time you do something that’s it, you’re out, you’re running out you’re out of gas you know.”

I’ve dabbled myself over the years and I liken it to those waves that come: When they come they come and people around you sometimes so don’t so you get that, particularly girlfriends wives that kind of thing you know if you don’t catch that fucking wave when it comes you don’t know when the next ones coming. You could be sitting around on the ocean forever.

Tell me about it man yeah, people don’t get that at all they think that creativity is like going to the store you know? They don’t realise it takes time and it takes like you gotta really like sometimes nothing happens for a long period of time but that doesn’t mean you weren’t doing anything. But when things come you gotta fucking act on it, that’s that’s what I’ve learned that you cannot fuck around and wait for inspiration to come back ’cause it will not come back. It comes by and knocks on your door and if you don’t answer it just goes you know? It’s like whenever you have an idea you gotta grab it, like it might be in the shower, you might be driving, you might be hanging out with a friend you might have to get up and walk out of the restaurant and be like “hey man, I I’ll be right back” and then you’re a crazy person outside and you’re in the parking lot like fucking singing shit into your voice memos or something. Yeah and I’ve done that a million times man and those things always turn into something you know, you gotta fucking grab ’em when they come.” 

We called him the riff pisser

Absolutely, so I guess Max would be one of those things, in a more tangible sense that you grabbed onto each other and here we are yeah?

Yeah man, dude he’s a writing machine too, you can’t slow that guy down he’s kind of fucking out of control man. We called him the riff pisser, we nicknamed him the riff pisser. ‘Cause Max drinks a lot of caffeine, like he’ll just drink Diet Cokes all day long and and then he just never stops writing riffs. Troy and I realised really early on you gotta come ready to rock because if you don’t like Max will just write the whole record you know? I don’t know whether it was me or Troy we called him the riff pisser because he’ll just keep fucking pissing them out. You gotta be like whoa, whoa, whoa, hang on let me fucking get an idea in here before you take over the whole thing you know? But that’s awesome, that’s what you want in a collaborator, you want someone that’s fucking strong and aggressive, like the worst is when you gotta pull shit out of people, or if you’re like kind of begging someone to contribute, like that sucks, you don’t want to do that you know? You want people that are aggressive and coming at you with ideas left and right.”  

Absolutely man, absolutely, look I think the same can be said for… that’s not just a music thing man, no matter what you’re into whether you’re writing, whether you’re in business, whether you’re in whatever you know? That’s the way the world works yeah?  

Yeah yeah man you want people that are fucking aggressive. When you’re collaborating with any partner in anything you kinda want the situation where you’re both trying to drive the car at the same time you know? Then you just try to not fight with each other and learn how to play nicely but you’re fighting, you know? It’s like you’re having a fight but you’re trying not to fight if that makes any sense?”

It does make absolute sense, like I said I’ve dabbled, I’ve been there man, I’ve had those fights!

“But those relationships end up being really productive if you can fucking stay on the road you know? If you keep the car on the road then you end up fuckin’ really kickin ass you know?”

I love the analogy man, it’s dangerous as shit, but you gotta give it a go.  

Yeah man for sure.”

So like you touched on man, I think it’s a torrid time to be releasing music and you’ve been releasing ton of it, but in a strange way I think audiences are more attentive and I think their psyches have more to gain from the art that they get into and listen to during the pandemic, during the election, the socio-political dissonance and crap that’s going on around the world. Do you get a sense of I guess more of a thirst and more of an impact as people are receiving the output that you’re putting out?  

Man it’s hard for me, I feel very disconnected from it, like I understand when I’m in a room and there’s an audience and then it hits me, I’m like whoa! They heard these song says because it’s right in front of you, but if it wasn’t for the internet I would have no idea that anything was happening you know? You would just be like “yeah I recorded this record and I I was told that it came out and like people dig it” but you don’t really have any connection to it, so it’s like I don’t know whether people are more receptive or whether people are more or less into music or art right now like I don’t fucking have any idea man.”  

I guess to change perspective on that, how about yourself as a listener, as a fan? I mean you’re living through all of this stuff the same way the rest of us are, from your perspective has it as it connected you more with some of the art that listen and consume or…?  

No, I find that over the last eight months I’ve listened to less music and watched less movies that any other period of my life I think. I haven’t seen a single fucking Netflix series, I haven’t watched any new movies. I’ve got a list of movies that I wanna watch that I haven’t. I haven’t listened to much music. I feel like it might also be because I felt so dead from making these two records that I just wanted to not hear shit for a minute, like I just needed to sit in silence.”  

What is that sitting in silence, what did that stop kinda look like for you? What’s your go to stuff if it’s not that constant stream of art and that kind of stuff? What do you do when you’re chilling, when you’re taking a pause?  

I just try to hang out with a friend, or do something that involves human contact or or something that involves the outside. Try to like get some nature in you, ’cause everything musical is technological now too so it’s impossible to get away from you know? It’s like you’re doing an interview, if you’re doing some emails, if you’re fucking writing a song, if you’re recording a song… everything you’re doing involves technology of some sort at some stage.”  

Screens constantly.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, so for not just giving my ears a break but giving my sensory input, allowing myself to slow down, that’s the thing I really value. Just being able to go be with someone and hang out with someone in the capacity where we don’t take our phones or we leave our phones in the car or turn them off or or something. Anything… go on a bike ride, go on a hike sit in the park, fucking hang out and smoke pot together, like whatever it is you know Eat a bunch of mushrooms and sit in the middle of the fucking wild you know? Something that gets you back to the source and allows your brain to slow down. Because I will keep speeding up if I’m given the option to, like my go to is just pedal to the floor and I’ll just keep fucking going, you know I have ADD too, my brain feels comfortable when there’s like 8 million things happening around me so I’ll just get some point where I’m kind of in the centre of hurricane and I feel real calm in that environment but it obviously exhausts your dopamine receptors, and it exhausts your kind of like… you become over stimulated you can’t slow down or fucking sleep. Something I’ve been trying the older I get is to like kind of like juxtapose the kind of manic creative phases that I go into with with really trying to get as much stillness and as much getting away from that as I can when I can.”

I don’t do anything that I don’t feel fucking stoked about on a really pure level

For sure. I’ve this noticed in interviews I’ve read and listened to and obviously I’m getting it from you now first hand, you seem a very introspective type, very self reflective as as you get older. Moving towards working with the guys that you have been working with, you know Cantrell is another one and you’ve had a crack at being able to work with some amazing people. As you do those more and you’re working with some people that you and I would be fans of, what’s the inner monologue like when you first go into work with those kinds of people? I think a lot of fans are probably like “wow that must be fucking amazing,” but you know that inner monologue when you reflect on it how do you feel going in there man, what’s the tension in your head like? How’s that feel?

You know, the interesting thing is by the time you get somewhere you’re ready for it you know? I get off on going back to tell my 13 year old self this is cool, you have to remind him like this is fucking cool, like just let him know that you know that’s fucking Max, and that’s Jerry and you can send fucking memes to fucking dudes in Metallica and shit. I know that it’s not normal, but it feels normal to me. I don’t care about how big someone is I have fucking friends in little commercial bands but they’re artistically incredible, and I have friends in gargantuan commercial bands and those guys are also artistically incredible and to me it’s like do you vibe with someone or do not vibe with someone. That’s not just creatively, it’s like do you have chemistry with a person? Do you feel the same? Do you resonate the same? You meet some people in your life and it’s like, we’re the same. Like Cantrell, we met and we were like “oh like we would have been best buds if we were both 13 years old at the same time” and we can connect on a musical level too, that’s cool we’re gonna fuck around this little bit. Or you know the same thing kind of happened with Max, and like Asian Steve in The Black Queen, I call him Asian Steve whatever, but you just like fucking meet people that you vibe with, and it’s like I can either rock with you or I can’t. I got over the “oh my God that guy’s in some band I was a fan of” a long time ago you know? We did shit with Nine Inch Nails and Trent and shit when I was in my fucking mid 20s.”  

One of my biggest fucking regrets man, my wife went to the Soundwave show down here where you got up on stage with them. It was like a moment of weakness and I was like, “no, no, you go, I’m fine”. One of my biggest fucking concert miss regrets man. Fuck you guys and fuck her for going! It’s not fair!  

Yeah man it used to trip me out more, like all that shit used to trip me out more but now I just feel ready for it. It’s like you get over it you know? I think like if your Kobe Bryant you come into the League and like you know you’re fucking all excited to play against Michael Jordan, and you’re excited to play with these people and then eventually you’re just like “OK yeah I accept this.” You know to me what trips me out is that these people consider me to be worth working with, that’s what fucking trips me out! I’m just like, I don’t know I’m just fucking me! I just do what I do. I’m just saying I’m really the same as I was when I was 15 years old, like I’m not much different. I just keep waiting for it to be like a joke, like someone’s playing a joke on me, you know like fucking with me. Like I don’t really believe it, I’m like OK cool yeah whatever, I’m like “sure Jerry, I’ll come fucking sing some Alice in Chains songs, sure Max I’ll show you, I’ll give you some riffs, we can write some riffs together. It’s kind of laughable that I’ve managed to pull this shit off for this long that’s what I keep thinking. Audiences like what I’m making and shit, I’m like “this is funny, like I’m not doing anything special here I’m just being myself” you know? Not doing anything really way out of the ordinary.”

Like it’s all a big a ruse.

Yeah, yeah I’m like “hey, when are people gonna be like, hey you know this guy actually sucks?” But it doesn’t happen.”

Can’t see that happening man, from and outsider’s perspective.

So dude, I’m aware of it enough now as I’ve gotten older I’ve kind of taken a little bit more ownership of it where I’m like I don’t I don’t think I suck, I just don’t understand it. So I just try to protect it now, you know what I mean? It’s not so much that I that I’m trying to like foster it or I try to go out of my way to get better. I’m not trying hard to do things that are going to propel my career or something, I just trying to protect whatever it is that I have that people seem to dig. I just try to protect it and not corrupt it and only make decisions based on enthusiasm. Like genuine excitement, like if I’m not excited about something I’m not going to do it. It doesn’t matter how much someone is trying to pay me, doesn’t matter whether or not it could lead to something else that would be you know, quote unquote beneficial for me. I don’t do anything that I don’t feel fucking stoked about on a really pure level, like if I don’t wake up and feel fucking excited, like if it doesn’t make me feel like I can’t get enough of it I don’t do it you know… and I mean that in terms of like collaboration, in terms of the song I’m working on, in terms of just what I do with my time everyday I won’t do it. I just do not fucking wanna do shit unless it’s pure. I really think that’s what ends up keeping people relating to things man.”

That’s what I was gonna jump in with man, for sure, especially your solo stuff it’s clear as fucking day it’s authentic as all hell.

…and I said something today I said to a friend of mine today, I said look the difference between art and entertainment is where it comes from you know? So art is like an abstraction so art is coming from your soul. So if you tap into like your raw essence and you make something out of that regardless of what tool you use to make it like a paintbrush, guitar, whatever, you just sorta like you know reach inside and shit out this egg, like fucking little egg that I made out of this piece of my essence. Like if you do that, that’s fucking art because its a piece of somebody’s like inner thing. If you don’t do that then it’s craft. It can be entertaining, you can make entertainment, you can make fucking craft you know, you can craft a song, you can get 30 people together to work on a fucking pop song and make something that’s undeniably catchy, it makes people feel good but that’s not art it’s craft. 30 fucking people sat there working on it and tinkering with it, manipulating it you know. But art is an abstraction of someone’s soul so for me like that that that essence has to be in everything I do. I will not do something unless I feel like I can activate like the absolute like innermost part of me to fucking do it, because then I feel like I’m fucking a dancing monkey you know? Like I feel like I’m a product or someone is just throwing money at me and I’m doing a dance you know? I don’t ever want to do that.”

Fucking here, here mate!

There’s enough people to do that you know? Like I don’t need to do that.”

Oh they’re everywhere.

Hey man, so I guess dragging this toward the album for the last bit of our chat here, we’re kinda rolling our way through this here so, I’ll drop in a bit of a bit of effusive praise here: In some ways I see your vocal as the perfect middleman to Max and Troy. Max is all brute force, Troy’s got that kind of mythical, religious, shamanistic kind of delivery… you’re kind of to me the perfect blend to link those two: Beautiful cleans to compliment Troy, you got that shrieking, barking fucking vicious fish that you do compliments Max, to me it’s really something I think in terms of wielding that weaponry most effectively, how do you guys go about kind of arranging it and writing together to get those vocals to sit? Who are the lyrics coming from? How does that puzzle go to work because right from the fucking first song on this album man, it’s incredibly seamless like even more so than album #1?

Man, I mean it you would think that we would have a fucking hard time with it but but we kind of don’t. Like it’s weird, like for me it’s a fucking awesome role because everything else I do I have to do everything you know? I gotta come up with every god damn vocal, every god damn part. Like Killer Be Killed the cool thing is that I know that I’m more of like a shapeshifter, like I’m a little bit like a like a fucking utility player like in baseball, they call people utility players that can kind of like play any role like if you need him to fucking play first base he’ll play first base, play out field they’ll play out field.”

Dude, that’s exactly what I’m getting at here I’m glad you agree.  

So I can morph, and those guys cannot but they have really strong character voices, where like Max is really strong like in one thing and Troy is really strong in one thing and they’re instantly identifiable. So for me that’s perfect ’cause if you have three people like me it would be a mess you know? It would just be like no fucking rhyme or reason, everyone is trying to do 19 different voices and all this different shit and it would be all over the place. So for me the best thing is if I have one of those guys go first, like if Troy goes first or Max goes first it gives me like an anchor to like pivot off of. You know so like I can fucking be like OK, Troy did this sort of thing now what can I do best to complement what he’s doing? It’s either going to happen right after it or it might happen like you know in the background or can I throw a little harmony on something or can I do a little scream, you know it gives me a lot to fucking work around because then instead of having to come up with the picture myself you know, someone else has sort of like filled in a big part of it and then I can do detail work. That’s how I see it, but you know for a lot of the times I have the most fun in this band like when one of those guys lays the first thing down and a lot of times you know that ends up being my role is like I fill in. I start to fill things in and I realise now I’m doing it on guitar too, like a lot of the guitar lead stuff and the textural stuff is all like that kind of mentality, like where can I fill in? What can I fucking do to colour this or shade this differently? The only song on the record that was completely mine is “From a Crowded Wound.” That’s the only song that I wrote. ” From a Crowded Wound” is my baby like I wrote that front to back like I wrote all the lyrics, I wrote their vocal parts, I told them what to sing and where, wrote the drum beat like every single part of it. I’m the only person that’s even playing guitar on that song like Max isn’t even playing guitar on that song. So like that whole song was mine but I’ve been cooking that one for like 10 years so that’s the only reason I was precious about it because that demo is from 10 years ago and I just couldn’t fucking finish it. It was supposed to be for the first Killer Be Killed record I couldn’t finish it, could get it over the finish line, like I just couldn’t figure it out and I came back to it and finished it so I was really protective of it. But you know that’s the only one on the record I was like “this is mine!” and I just had to be that way about it… but like every other thing I really got off on kind of kind of playing off of those dudes.”

We LOVE being on tour all four of us. I would stay on tour fucking 300 days a year if I could 

Dude there’s some great kinda hardcore, punk-rock sort of feels on the album: Filthy Vagabond is a fucking ripping track, tell me about that one, who did that come from?  

That’s one of my favourite songs on the record. So that main guitar riff of the verses and the choruses that might be, I think musically that songs mostly mine, but then now that I’m listening to it in my head it’s almost all mine until the last riff of the song is a Troy riff, but the verses and the choruses and shit were my guitar parts. But then Troy really took the lead on the vocals. That song vocally I was stuck on like when you write the music it’s harder to write the lyrics like because you’re fucking you’re thinking musically, to me like I have a hard time separating my brain. I’m like fuck, I have to step away from it for a while and come back to it because I can’t get my brain to kick over into like writing vocals.”  

Particularly in terms of fresh melody yeah? Like you get stuck in the movements of your rhythm and the movements created around it?  

Truly, yeah that’s been really unusual for me ’cause you know I’m used to reacting to other peoples music in Dillinger and stuff, like I just reacted to what Ben would send me and it would always trip me out that he couldn’t really hear vocals. It was always wild to me that people would send me music...”

To be fair man, I don’t think any fucking human being could hear in their head the shit that you were doing!

I understand that, I understand that now. Like now when I listen back to it I’m like what the fuck! How did we do this, this is crazy people music you know!

I’m proud to be one man. That shit was insane.

Yeah listen, I hadn’t listened in along time and like I listened to some of “One of Us is the Killer” and some of maybe “Miss Machine” the other day, or not the other day like a couple months ago and I was just like Jesus Christ dude that’s pretty wild. But anyhow like fucking Troy he kind of came up with the whole like the chorus and it was like he was a little at first kind of hesitant, he was like OK I don’t know if this is something you guys are going to be in to but I’m really getting kinda like this Motorheady, like sing a long fucking pirate ship vibe out of the fucking chorus of this, and he had laid down, we were out for lunch or something and he had laid down like the chorus to Filthy Vagabond and we were like holy shit! Like I would’ve never, that’s one of the coolest parts being in this band vocally for me is I would’ve never come up with that. Like I would have never come up with that so like to fucking get to be surprised by someone elses thing and be like “fuck man!” You know I would never have thought of that, that’s bad-ass you know. Then him being like basically “hey we all love being on tour,” ’cause we do, like some people in bands don’t like being on tour, they’re OK with it but they’re not in love with it, like we LOVE being on tour all four of us. I would stay on tour fucking 300 days a year if I could. Yeah he was like “let’s write a song about it, I got it the idea about it being like just a road-dog anthem” and like all of us just kind of saying how much we love being these filthy pieces of shit like hang out in dingy clubs and get fucking piss and beer and shit spilled all over us… I’m like yeah that sounds fucking bad-ass you know? Then so we just kind of each took turns on the verses just making it about like how much we dig fucking playing shows and touring and the whole rock and roll lifestyle and shit and it ended up being like to me one of the most fun songs on the record, like that song live is going to be a fucking blast.”

…the third Killer Be Killed record will happen before too many years pass too ’cause we’re so fucking fired up about it right now 

Mate, I was gonna talk about a few more songs but you’ve taken me exactly where I wanted this shit to go, thank you for that. So you know Dillinger were a fucking wild ride like a ticket I grabbed every damn time I could. We were all blessed down here in Australia with the shows that Killer Be Killed did. You know there’s a a certain political luminary who when it comes to the pandemic used the words “pent-up demand.” Now that particular orange luminary I don’t fucking subscribe to at all but that idea of pent up demand really does fucking apply. It’s like you’ve got Metal heads that are being starved of shows worldwide, people are gonna be fucking gagging for some Killer Be Killed man. Do you guys want to get out on the road with this one or what?  

Fuck yeah we do man! I mean we were going to when, you know before all this happened we had shit booked all the way through fucking end of 2021, like fucking like I was supposed to bounce back and forth between like a bunch of different shit obviously like for like the next year and a half and I was all geeked about kind of doing that not having to like beat one thing into the ground. I was kind of you know it’s going to be solo stuff, Killer Be Killed stuff and fucking Black Queen stuff and other stuff and I was just, you know really stoked about it. Now it’s like “oh, cool, not gonna do any of that.” But we’re definitely you know we want to man, like we’re so geeked on the album behind the scenes you know all of us, and we were fucking like you know, I think we kind of keep each other floating through this COVID thing by like reminding each other that we’re going to go out and play this at some point. But yeah, it’s fucking, you know it’s going to be a bitch. So when when things come back every band is going to want to go on tour at the same fucking time right away and that includes all of our bands you know?”

So it’s like suddenly Mastodon’s gonna wanna go on tour all the time, Converge, you know fucking Max will be doing a bunch of shit, it’s going to be tough but I mean we’re going to. I would say that the third Killer Be Killed record will happen before too many years pass too ’cause we’re so fucking fired up about it right now. Like I said I’ve already been writing for the last couple weeks and I already have a couple of things that are in the KBK pile that I’ve sent to Max that he’s been like “dude this is sick” so we’re already kind of moving towards, we’ve got the fucking ball rolling in this band right now for more shit so as soon as shit opens up we’re going to play wherever we can. Obviously want to get down there it’s like one of my favourite places on the earth even outside of playing shows so like fucking anything to get back down there you know.”  

Well dude, I’ve gotta tell you, in Perth we haven’t had a community transmission in about 7 months so I think in terms of the pandemic it’s the place to fucking be man: Sun is shining like, just come one down.  

Man Perth rips dude. I don’t know what happened in the last 20 years but like when Dillinger first started going there Perth was kind of like “meh” you know what I mean, like you want to go to Sydney and Melbourne, like to think about fucking going all the way West you know what I mean? But dude yeah the last couple times I’ve been to Perth I was like this fucking rips you know? Like fucking went around the city, like fucking hung out in some fucking outdoor rooftop bars or whatever, was in something nice park there’s like some big fucking park with this crazy fucking sculpture shit happening kind of by the water is, like I can’t remember what any of this shit is called but yeah went for run last time Dillinger was there like the evening before the show like I went for run all around the city. No real better way to like get a feel for something than being on foot you know? So I was kind of like “damn this is fucking really nice, like what a really nice place” so I had no idea and it seemed really vibrant like it seemed like it had a really fucking vibrant energy to it.”

Super chilled at the same time thought man I think you know, low population, we’ve got that isolation which I think creates that vibe you know particularly artistically and that kind of stuff you know? A lot of music a lot of art that kind of comes out of here, we’re very isolated like I said people didn’t get across from the east, from Sydney and Melbourne quite a lot for a long time so we just sit here and fucking gestate with all this kind of creativity.  

Yeah I dig it man, next time I’m down there, I mean I really tried to do this every time but it never works out but like, every time I go somewhere now but I’m always trying to think like OK maybe I can tack a week on to the end of this and I can just hang out here but then it never happens ’cause someone books something for like 3 days later. So I’m like never mind you know. I fucking definitely wanna hopefully next time we get to play down whether it’s with Killer Be Killed or whoever I want to spend some fucking time actually hanging out in the place.” 

So seriously, thanks a bunch man, I know our readers are gonna be pumped to hear from you, the album is fucking, it’s a ripper man, I fucking love it.

Thanks dude. I’m stoked to hear that.”

For me, it’s like I have been immersing in some Greg Puciato without sounding weird for about two months, writing reviews and listening to your stuff so congratulations on all the success man. I think in the review of you solo album I made mention of I think it’s fair to say you are hitting the peak of your powers mate, you have been amazing for a long time as a front man and what you do in Dillinger, but this sort of stuff we are we’re seeing YOU. I think that’s a very, very powerful thing. I think we spent a lot of time talking about a lot of shit, so yeah I’ve gotta get it in the album’s fantastic. Any last message for the readers of The Metal Wanderlust, they love their shit hard man so they want to hear from you. 

Yeah just fucking you know, I would say it’s thanks for anyone who’s fucking giving a shit you know? Whether you just started giving a shit or whether you fucking don’t give a shit and you’re going to check something out, or whether you did and you were into Dillinger and you’re into this too… I’m fucking stoked. You know fucking Australia was one of the first countries that we ever went to, there were a lot of countries in the world that didn’t fuck with Dillinger yet you know? Like we we would go there ’cause you go to Europe and every country is different, so you’re doing well and you feel really welcomed and you’re really digging one country then you fucking drive 3 hours and 13 people show up to see you in Germany or whatever. It took a long time for some countries to catch us and when we went down to Australia for the first time we were blown away by how the shows felt and how the people felt and the country itself and like everything about it and then the same thing happened when we went with Killer Be Killed and the same thing happened when we went with Black Queen so I fucking love it there and I fucking love you all and I can’t wait to come back in every capacity that I can and fucking do some rocking.”  

Fucking awesome mate I can’t wait see you.  Thanks again for your time Greg, I appreciate it  

Brother you too man talk to you later.” 

Buy the album here…

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