Album Review: Genesis XIX – Sodom


You would think that after four decades of producing some of the finest Thrash Metal our ears have ever had the pleasure of listening to, that Sodom would be somewhat both physically and mentally jaded, but no, they just keep releasing vintage crushing brutality with no sign of pulling on the hand brake and slowing down, and “Genesis XIX,” their new album after a four year wait and a massive line up change, is just fucking killer.

What we have here is twelve tracks of ruthlessly blistering tempo attacks with vociferously aggressive vocals, heinous skin ripping riffs and uncompromising pummelling drum and blast beats that, in this shit COVID time, will make you clear out the lounge room, move all furniture to the sides, turn your preferred music player up to eleven, form the pit and tear down the walls. You might even get lucky and have some of your local constabulary bang on your door and want to come in for a listen as well.

So, on to a few of the tracks and as I don’t know where to start, I guess the beginning is as good as any. “Blind Superstition” is the lead in track and it’s a one minute instrumental that sets up the tone for the rest of the album. Personally, I think it was just the band warming up, so they didn’t do themselves an injury while frantically executing the rest of the kick arse album.  

The next few tracks, “Euthanasia” and “Genesis XIX” are pure undiluted Thrash and for me, together with “Sodom & Gomorrah” with its catchy riff and chorus, provide the heartbeat to this beast. “Nicht mehr mein Land” is sung with German lyrics and along with its chugging driving riff and blast beats provide more of a Death Metal feel than just plain old Thrash, but its oh so good and as I listen and write this, I find I have chicken skin on my arms.

“The Harpooneer” has a sombre doomish start to it before jolting your inner core with ear shredding riffs, solo lead work and uncompromising drum pieces. This vicious ritualistic beating is carried through with “Dehumanized” and “Occult Perpetrator.” “Friendly Fire” ends our hour-long journey and what a way to end. If this were played at the end of a gig, the crowd would be baying for blood and walking out yelling the chorus to anyone that is within ear shot.

Well there you have it, one of the best Thrash albums of the year provided by one of the greatest Teutonic bands that ever graced this madness we call Earth. Sodom have lost none of their ferocity or rancour and there’s not enough superlatives to truly capture “Genesis XIX” and the feeling you get while listening to it. I’m guessing you already know I’m going to give this album a 5/5, but it really is that fucking good and will only help cement Sodom’s place in the annals of Metal history

Rating – 5/5


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