Album Review: The Great Demise – SODOMISERY


Sweden has had its share of Death Metal bands see mainstream success. Entombed, one of the founders of the Stockholm sound, is probably the most popular in a lot of circles with Dismember and Unleashed right up there as well. There are many looking to take the leap into these hallowed echelons, and I’d say newcomer Sodomisery has a pretty good chance at it.

Sodomisery released their first full length album on May 22 and has left the Metal world wanting more. What started as a small side project for Harris Sopovic, now has four full time members looking toward the future. And that future is bright. I’ve been blasting “The Great Demise” non-stop since my first listen. Let’s dive in and see if we can survive.

Reapers Key” opens the album with a perfect mix of growling vocals and gritty Death Metal riffs. An instant classic. This album is something special with every track delivering nothing less than Death Metal bliss. Track four, “The Messenger” is one of my favourites from this album. I love how it is a bit more technical and melodic, yet still maintains complete and honest brutality at it’s core.

Throughout the album are several extended guitar solos, masterfully mixed with changing pace. That is probably what drew me to Metal some 30 years ago, and what keeps me listening, learning, and loving new stuff to this very day. When you hear the double bass pounding away on “Until They Burn,” you’re drawn in. Then the solo hits. Mind blown. 

If you are searching for a new kick in the pants and haven’t had the fortune of hearing it yet, try “The Great Demise.” You won’t be able to put it down. This album from Sodomisery is an instant classic in my opinion. Run toward it with arms wide open. You have nothing to fear!!

Rating:  5/5

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