Album Review: Arcana, Scrying and Revelation


Groove filled Blackened Thrash riffs catch the ear instantly in opener “Suffer the Witch to Live” with harsh vocals in the forefront of the track. Considering the vocalist is from Absu their influences are clearly heard within this release. Old school tendencies are shown particularly in the Thrash riffs with the balls to the wall aggressive approach consistently displayed throughout “Arcana, Scrying and Revelation.” And best you believe it!

Melodic and harmonic Black Metal influences are consistently shown throughout this release with an old school 80’s influenced production to the sound. The two different vocal approaches add an interesting aspect on this release leaving the listener open for many an awesome moment, whilst the lyrical subjects focus on the occult, legends and mythological lore, the kind of things we Metalheads got into this stuff in the first place for, and what a tale they weave.

Even more Black Metal influence is shown in “Fates of the Grail Part I” with an epic saga feel and fitting lyrical material to match the name of this track. Catchy, Galloping riffs dominate the musical features within the “Magicians Prayer” with harmonised interludes that draw the listener in even further. “Fate of the Grail Part II” takes the listener through another thrash influenced blackened nightmare, and for this we are grateful: Once again the vocals and lyrics are right at the the forefront and the instrumental breaks display an aggressive approach letting the guitars do the talking with an eerie yet majestic feel, leaving you wanting to bang that fucking head with the utmost of intent. “As a being Undead” holds the torch for an old school 90’s Black Metal influenced track created well with a menacing vibe, killer riffs and a melancholy and melodic touch. 

Throughout this release, the melodic influence ties everything together beautifully in our opinion. Samples of pure demonic howling and hatred commence on the final track “The Whispering Void” before it launches into a full blown Thrash assault upon your eardrums and then switches into a melodic Blackened track with thrashy solos – classic stuff at it’s finest. Literally the standout track of this release.


If you enjoy an old school Blackened Thrash assault in the style of Gospel of the Horns and Destroyer 666Mongrel’s Cross are a must. A relentless and unyielding aural assault has been created within “Arcana, Scrying and Revelation” and we genuinely look forward to hearing more from them!

Rating – 4/5

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