Exclusive Premiere: Unholy Madness – Wombbath


In case you landed up here looking for information about the furry creature from Down Under, you are on the wrong website.

Wombbath are an Old School Death Metal act from Sweden that completes 30 years of magnificence this year in their chosen field. No easy task for a band that plays Metal let alone Death Metal. To mark this milestone Wombbath are releasing an album consisting of re-recorded songs from their older material as well as some brand new material, “Tales of Madness” via Transcending Obscurity Records.

The track we are premiering today is the third track off the album, “Unholy Madness.” The song originally appeared on the “Brutal Mights” Demo that released in 1992. 

The track opens with the trademark buzzsaw guitars and you are hit by a chilling growl from vocalist Jonny Pettersson. From then on it’s the mid paced stomp that Wombbath built its reputation on, and the shit we love for sure. Long time fans of the band will be glad to hear “Unholy Madness” with a much beefier production, it’s been dialled up to 11 so to speak! A great rework of a track from the glory days of Death Metal, and we look forward to their next release most assuredly! Release date is the 18th of December, and bring it on we say!


Line up – 

Jonny Pettersson (Heads For The DeadHenry KaneGods Forsaken) – Vocals
Håkan Stuvemark (Pale King) – Guitars, lead guitar and vocals
Thomas Von Wachenfeldt – Guitars, lead guitar, violin and vocals
Jon Rudin (Just Before Dawn) – Drums
Matthew Davidson (Repulsive Vision) – Bass

Track listing – 

1. “Tales From The Dark Side
2. “Brutal Mights
3. “Unholy Madness
4. “The Grave
5. “Lavatory Suicide Remains
6. “Save Your Last Breath To Scream
7. “Tales Of Madness
8. “The Fleshly Existence Of Man





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