Exclusive Premiere: Barbaric Eternity – Depravity


Perth, Australia is the home to so much incredible Metal it has sometimes defied belief. Surely then, it must be a dark and festering void of a city; the rotting decay in its streets washed through its overflowing gutters by unceasing, driving black rains. The overlords of this foul place must tend to its denizens as hell’s own gardeners – sowing the seeds of the souls of the damned, growing them to twisted, ungodly saplings and holding them in malformed stasis like shrivelling, foetid flotsam upon a rotten soil sea…

Well, Perth is actually quite lovely, notwithstanding its freshly elected Lord Mayor (a whole other conversation and to continue the above colourful metaphor, he’s hitting the gardening with relish). It is blessed with sunshine, beaches, and a chilled lifestyle with plenty of space… all this makes it more astonishing that it has spawned a band of the likes of the mighty Depravity.

As we shuffle inexorably through 2020, Depravity, with their impending year-end release “Grand Malevolence” serve as a shining beacon of light at the end of one of the bleakest, darkest, blackest global tunnels in recent memory. Transcending Obscurity Records have for us a massive exclusive – Depravity’s latest track “Barbaric Eternity” can be heard in one place and one place only… The Metal Wanderlust.

Already established as a bona fide Death Metal powerhouse with their celebrated second album “Evil Upheaval,” 2020 looms as the year Depravity will entrench themselves in the upper echelons of the wider global scene. The singles already released from the upcoming album: “Indulging Psychotic Thoughts” and “Grand Malevolence” are both of the finest quality, but the thunderous complexity of “Barbaric Eternity” is another beast entirely. It’s combination of old school auricular textures with thoroughly modern flourishes – ringing pseudo-cleans and gaping-wide single string punishment – combined with lethal rhythm structures are sure to have you banging your head and flailing your limbs in sub-human bestial fashion, but a moment needs to be taken for the admiration of the sheer artistry in the brutality.

If you are of technical inclination and want to accelerate your appreciation for the incredible musicality of “Barbaric Eternity,” simply apply yourself to counting measures and breaking the song into its constituent timing elements. Whilst maintaining the urgency, immediacy and physicality that many technical bands lose, Depravity create in just three minutes an amazing breadth of feel and approach – right out of the gate this song assaults relentlessly but quickly moves in a rapid journey through extravagant Death Metal bliss. Time changes abound: Try counting along to arguably the most devastating section of this song. It opens a whole world of understanding for the music and enables a level of catchiness you might not otherwise recognise within the chaos. It takes a significant time to get a handle on things and that is what makes this track so unsettling. Even if you are a non-musician this song loses nothing, gains much in mystique, is equally effective and will challenge you to wrap your head around what is going on musically to find your anchors. There is the most incredible feeling of release when this track reaches its most sustained, stable orthodox passage – you simply must listen to feel the effect.


If you’re not particularly technically inclined and are thinking “what the fuck are you talking about Your Grouchy Friend, is it good or what?” – simply enjoy the feeling of meticulously controlled chaos. Let it cradle you in the bosom of its (eternal) barbarity and drift away… and yes, to answer your question it is good… bloody good. “Barbaric Eternity” is a third magnificent indication of the absolute corker of an album set to drop in December. Depravity are about to make that leap from very good to great… strap yourselves in and do not miss out.

Line up:

Louis Rando (ImpietyThe Furor) – Drums
Lynton Cessford (Entrails Eradicated) – Guitar
Jamie Kay (Inanimacy, ex-The Ritual Aura) – Vocals
Ainsley Watkins (ex-Scourge) – Bass
Jarrod Curly (ex-Malignant Monster) – Guitar

Track Listing:

1. “Indulging Psychotic Thoughts
2. “Grand Malevolence
3. “Invalid Majesty
4. “Cantankerous Butcher
5. “Trophies of Inhumanity
6. “Castrate the Perpetrators
7. “The Coming of the Hammering
8. “Barbaric Eternity
9. “Hallucination Aflame
10. “Epitome of Extinction
11. “Ghosts in the Void”





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