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It’s been a month or so since the August Metal Wanderlist Nano and consensus has been this should become monthly – so it will.

This month brings you 11 of the finest “must listen” tracks in recent times. No rules to keep them to the month in question, but we will keep them in the month where possible.

The most important thing is we give you some solid listening.


TMW writing staff.


Terminal Nation – “Orange Bottle Prison.

“If the drugs don’t kill me then the price of them will”. A lyric like that in the midst of so much raw Hardcore Death Metal is just fucking glorious. The inability to escape a cycle of prescription cure all’s for depression (or any number of other illnesses), on top of the fact that shit ain’t free (at least in the States) is the sort of thing that develops into either rage or passive acceptance (which is essentially a slow suicide). In this case I’m grateful for the rage! An excellent song from a nearly flawless record.”


Consumption – “Recursive Definitions of Suppuration.”

“Disappointed with the new Carcass singles? Want to hear the thing, but with some actual groove, riffs and real elements of danger? Well, look no further… The debut album of Consumption, “Recursive Definitions of Suppuration,” has all of them included and the title track itself is a masterpiece of a tune. Can’t seem to get enough of it!”

Your Grouchy Friend:

Greg Puciato – “Deep Set.”

The bass and drums alone (sonically and stylistically) are enough to make my head nod of its own accord and the most contorted of stank-faces smear across my visage. Puciato then takes it up a notch with some clean vocals, until… the drop. “I thought we were already dead” with trademark insidious viciousness. This is seriously good stuff.

The Great Mackintosh:

Morta Skuld – “Dead Weight.”

“The ugly inside IS a weakness”, but not on this fucker. Morta Skuld have just decided to give all the big boys a lesson. Death Metal has never sounded so good. remove that noose, everything is going to be okay!”


Descend to Acheron – “The Transience of Flesh.”

“Once again, I seem to be repping the local boys once again and Descend to Acheron are no exception. Each song is as pummelling as the last but will still keep you interested and on your toes each listen.”

Hayduke X:

Temple of the Fuzz Witch – “Ungoliant.”

I’m not even much of a stoner Metal guy, but this Detroit trio have been crafting solid riffs from the get-go. “Ungoliant,” the final track on their sophomore full length “Red Tide,” is massively haunting and powerful in its relative simplicity. I’m hooked.


Necrophobic – “Tartarian Winds.”

“Face melting yet melodic riffs combined with rollicking Folk influenced Black Metal- catchy as fuck!”


Furnace – “Suburban Nightmare.”

“I could pick any song from the second full length from Swedish Conceptual Death Metal trio Furnace’s second album “Dark Vistas,” the whole album is superb end to end, a gripping listen but the opening track “Suburban Nightmare” does have that powerful ‘hair standing up on the back of the neck effect’ on me, time to witness Rogga Johansson at his finest is always worthy, and he’s done some pretty excellent stuff up to now as you know!”


Benediction – “Progenitors Of A New Paradigm.”

“This new one from the masters is brutal, and chock full of energy. David Ingram brings exactly the kind of vocals that you expect from such a legend, and he is joined by my other favourite Death Metal vocalist, Kam Lee. Play this loud and fucking proud, the kind of stuff that will bruise your very soul!”

The Great Mackintosh:

Cryptae – “Monastic Tomb.”

“These boys never fail to astound me, they are constantly shifting and evolving into whatever the fuck they choose. No scene pressure, no convoluted ideas that they are part of a great movement changing the style of whatever genre they are in, fuck, they transcend all of that. This shit defies all logic, and makes perfect sense because of it. Like being beaten around the brain with the jaw bone of one of our ape like ancestors, that knew how to build rockets to the stars, but no one ever asked him, and he had no way to express it apart from pointing up. You will get it when you hear the full release trust me. Fucking hell, this is mental!”

Your Grouchy Friend:

LIK – “Morbid Fascination.”

“The opening riff alone is worth the price of admission, and the echo simulated call and reply over the simple stomping verse riff gets LIK’s hooks deeper into your masochistically willing flesh. These guys have taken the Herbert West approach to their Swedish forefathers and you know what?  That doesn’t bother Your Grouchy Friend one bit. This song has the album it’s from are top shelf mayhem.”

Maybe a bit shorter than the last one, but this list packs one hell of a whallop hey! Until next time, stay Metal you lot! Thank you for reading!

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