Album Review: Hollow – Tomorrow’s Rain


Tomorrow’s Rain are a Gothic, Doom Death project hailing from Tel Aviv, Israel. “Hollow” also features guest appearances from members of My Dying Bride, Moonspell, Draconian, Paradise Lost, Arch Enemy, Orphaned Land, Septicflesh, Rotting Christ and Swallow the Sun, and you can hear these influences, and many more in their latest release.

Active since 2011 (as Moonskin), and after a name change – these Israeli’s are back with their Gothic, atmospheric and mournful sound in their first full length “Hollow”. An eerie yet atmospheric start introduces the listener to a vibe that continues throughout this release.

A mix of whispers, poetically spoken Gothic pieces and doomy Death vocals with a classic raspy tone and depressive, emotive clean vocals add a large range of musical aspects to be appreciated by the listener. The use of samples and traditional instruments add an additional Folk inspired aspect to the bands distinctive sound and also add an extra layer of melancholy, whilst keyboards add an additional Gothic touch and a sorrowful aspect highlighted by consistently excellent drum work, adding to an overall polished sound.

Tomorrow’s Rain have achieved a fantastic balance between the Gothic, Doom and Death Metal genres within “Hollow”. Scandinavian Metal feels with classic Gothic lyrics featuring heartbreak and romance as their common themes make it lyrically appealing while throwing in a cover of Nick Cave and the Bad SeedsThe Weeping Song” seems a fitting conclusion to the album.

As far as outstanding tracks on this release go, “Trees” is an excellent introduction to the customary pensive, evocative aspect presented within the Tomorrow’s Rain sound. “Into the Mouth of Madness” displays the polished musicianship customary of this release while exposing the listener to their depressive aspects and clean vocals, whilst the title track “Hollow” displays a more mournful Gothic tone and also hauntingly beautiful vocal performance. All highly recommended, as is the whole release without a doubt for fans of this kind of music, or just great music in general!

I genuinely look forward to seeing what Tomorrows Rain have to release in the future.

Rating – 4/5

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