Exclusive Premiere: Excercise In Mistakes – MRTVI


A gateway has just been opened, a tear in the cosmic fabric has let something vile and hideous into the realm of the mortal. Utterly deranged and twisted, it seeks to warp the minds of all who hear, and transform their consciousness into something fetid, something dire, something so very very black, so utterly evil that you cannot even begin to comprehend its malice until it is upon you, and by then, it is too late. What kind of horror could this be…

On this day of our Lord and Saviour the 6th of November we shall remember five simple letters. MRTVI, and oh how insidious was the way this monstrosity arrived. Leaking into the minds of the simple, the weak, the clever, the strong. No quarter was given and none was asked for because no one could have predicted such a thing happening. And yet, it is here, and we are all to go slowly insane..

With these words, we present to you an exclusive premiere of “Exercise In Mistakes” by the singular entity known as Damjan Stefanovic, or as a thousand other dimensions that have seen those five letters know him MRTVI, and scream of his foulness whilst despising his very existence..

To quote the first person infected in our camp, VUK . “Bat.Shit.Crazy! Schizophrenic, epileptic… like it’s pissing off the voices in my head and they’re all taking turns having seizures!” Finer words could not describe the insanity that follows. The full album “Omniscient Hallucinatory Delusion” is available as of right now. We highly suggest you listen to it before it listens to you..


Line up

Damjan Stefanovic – Everything

Track listing

1. Cosmic Sadness – Living In Repetition
2. Cosmic Sadness – Mass Hallucination
3. Cosmic Sadness – Cycles of Suffering
4. Condemned to Life – Invisible Scars
5. Condemned to Life – Self Slaughtering
6. Condemned to Life – Exercise In Mistakes
7. Condemned to Life – Chains of Illusion
8. There is No Hope – Slave Mentality
9. There is No Hope – Terminal Ignorance
10. There is No Hope – Cosmocide
11. View of Denial – Perceived Entirety
12. View of Denial – Obscured Reality

unnamed (4)





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