Exclusive Premiere: Deterioration – Dødsferd

Dødsferd Artwork

On the 20th of October this year something very special is set to be unleashed upon mankind by the mighty DØDSFERD, and we here at The Metal Wanderlust are more than honoured to be able to share with you an exclusive track from the upcoming compilation album “Death Shall Purify The Wounds Of Your Fragile Mortality.” This seven song release “Combines songs from the most depressive era of the band” according to guitarist and vocalist Wrath, and on that count we can say he is definitely speaking only the words of truth. This is a collection of the most soul wrenching material they have to offer, and is being released on Wrath’s very own label Fucking Your Creation Records & Distro. To say he is proud of this would be an understatement, and rightly so. So without further ado, we present to you –

Your last victim has kept a long time promise for you, In the endless valleys of anger and despair, Where hatred and mental alienation reign, Where joy swims in blood baths

Deterioration” is sung in their native Greek, and the above is a line translated from what can only be explained as a daunting, harrowing, and yet torturously hypnotic journey through the mind or minds of those so grievously hurt in their mortal lives that they seek eternal retribution for the horrors inflicted upon them. The track was recorded specifically for this release in July of this year, and sits at the end of the album to further embed the feelings of a soul in constant conflict with the very mortal realm it is a prisoner of that many of these songs invoke, and pays respect to the ones who have departed with business unfulfilled. Wrath and his fellow band members have put their all into this, and we cannot recommend you check out the full album upon release highly enough.

Dødsferd - Death Shall Purify...

Line up

Wrath – Vocals, Rhythm Guitars.
m. Sarkov – Bass, Lead Guitars, Feedback
N.D. – Drums.


1. Staring at the Forthcoming Chaos.
2. Doomed in eternal Solitude.
3. Suicide and the rest of your kind will follow.
4. His Veins Colored the Room.
5. Death has always been the God of Man.
6. Million Deaths Inside.
7. Deterioration.

F Y C Records 1

So, await the arrival of “Death Shall Purify The Wounds Of Your Fragile Mortality,” and as always, support the underground. For more, follow the links below.




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