Album review: Generation Antichrist – Onslaught


Onslaught having been puking out some of the best Thrash Metal to come out of merry old England since the 1980’s, OK so you can throw in a bit of a hiatus for 7 odd years, everyone deserves a holiday right, but since re-emerging in 2004 with only one original member, they have rebuilt themselves and provided us with an awesome album that will please every thrasher out there in the metal void.

“Generation Antichrist” is an out and out thrashterpiece with nice little chunks of punk and groove nuances that are superbly provided by top notch killer performances from all the members of the band. Every track is a veritable cacophony of superior riffs, insane drumming, neck snapping melodies and adrenaline dosed viciously barked out vocals that perfectly combine to provide a ferocious and intense rabble rousing.

The tracks that had me reaching for the replay button repeatedly were “Religiousuicide”, “Generation Antichrist”, “All Seeing Eye” and “A Perfect Day to Die”. These tracks will have you leaping for joy with horns raised and head swirling circles with their riff heavy shredding, throat punching drums and hatred dripped vocals all played at breakneck speed providing abundant examples of all the noble things that this genres provides. 

Some of our favourite old school bands have released top notch albums so far this year, and “Generation Antichrist” is right up there with them. There is something powerful and dynamic that runs right through this album and you will definitely have a rollicking good time listening to the 39 odd minutes that Onslaught have gifted to us.

Rating – 4/5

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