Album Review: Sepulchral Demons – Töxik Death



Sepulchral Demons” is the follow up release to Norwegian Black ’n’ Thrashers Töxik Death’s 2014 debut, the fittingly titled “Speed Metal Hell” and in many ways this latest releases existence is nothing short of miraculous, the product of dogged determination, as the band suffered from several setbacks following the release of that debut and found themselves questioning their continued existence as a band. With half of them deciding they wanted to call it a day, and lets face it, they wouldn’t be the first band to suffer from the stressful toll of recording and releasing leaving them in need of a vocalist and rhythm section, the remaining duo found replacements, soldiered on and the result, six years on, is this seven track, thirty-three minute chunk of unashamedly all out, Thrash brutality.

Sound-wise there is a decided nod to the likes of the early works of Morbid Angel, Slayer and Sepultura, that manifests as their own particular variant of fast Thrash, with the whole album, from opening title track “Sepulchral Demons” to the insanely paced closer “Undead Vengeance” being predominantly d-beat dominated with a raw, old school, lo-fi feel to the overall sound as it charges along making it not unlike an audio missile that is fired unrelentingly for most of the thirty-two minute duration. And with unchained savagery the vocals fire at you also like a hail of vitriolic bullets, with lyrical inspiration that includes tales of psychopaths with mullets and baseball bats on “Savage Nights” and with chunks of thrashy lead work popping up that errs on the edge of insanity on “Sadistic Sorcery”, “Incantation of Annihilation” and “Undead Vengeance”.

Just to mix it up a little, things take a darker, more sinister slant on the albums seven-minute monster “Morbid Divination” with its extended opener and slower pace but the intensity builds around the three minute mark breaking into a couple of insane shreds midway and normal insanity is resumed from here on but then drops away again towards the close and if I’m honest it’s my favourite track. It might not be the full throttle insanity of the rest of the album but it demonstrates a darker and more skilled side to the band as well. It’s a well thought out composition showing that there is more to the Töxik Death sound than just coming out with all guns blazing.  

Recorded and mixed by Uranoia drummer Anders Krokedal at Elektrosjokk Studio in Töxik Death’s home town Sandnes and mastered by Patrick W. Engel at Temple Of Disharmony in Germany.

Sepulchral Demons” is out now on High Roller Records.

Rating – 4/5


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