Track Premiere: River’s Breath – Hateful


Ladies and gentlemen, lovers of all things harsh, atrocious and ferocious sounding, gather your things! It’s time to pack up and head for hills of heaviness, for our friends at Transcending Obscurity Records have gifted us with the opportunity to share with you an exclusive premiere track by Italian technical death metal monsters Hateful

Taken from their upcoming album “Set Forever On Me”, this four-minute slab of raging brutality is entitled “River’s Breath”, and I’m here to remind you that it’s okay to be afraid. It happens to the best of us. But don’t run away just yet, because Hateful has a lot to say and it would be a damn shame if any of you fine folks missed out on picking up what these dudes are laying down. 

hateful band

Resting comfortably somewhere in between Psycroptic and Revocation, Hateful isn’t here to play kiddie games. And much like label mates Chaos Motion, Cerebrum, and Coexistence (the Big C’s of TO, if you will), the band is sure to enjoy an exuberant amount of praise the minute “Set Forever On Me” begins exploding eardrums across the globe. 

In the meantime, be kind to yourselves and enjoy “River’s Breath”. It has been a long fuckin year. You deserve this!

Line up – 

Daniele Lupidi (Valgrind, Voids of Vomit) – Bass, Vocals, and Rhythm Guitars

Massimo Vezzani (Voids of Vomit) – Lead and Rhythm Guitars

Marcello Malagoli (Blood of Seklusion) – Drums and Vocals

Artwork by Daniele Lupidi

Track listing – 

1. On the Brink of the Ravine
2. Oxygen Catastrophe
3. Phosphenes
4. The Irretrievable Dissolution Process on the Shores of Time
5. Will-Crushing Wheel
6. Caldera
7. Time Flows Differently
8. Our Gold Shined in Vain
9. The Nihil Truth
10. River’s Breath
11. The Proof



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