Album Review: Doom Spirit Emanation – Rites of Daath


Writing album reviews has a certain thing about it. A definite pro to conquer all cons, if there even were any. One constantly gets to hear new music, discover new bands and detect the limits of one’s bank account in the process. Sometimes being thrown out of the comfort zone of the bands you already know can bring in some real nice surprises. Just like Krakow’s own Rites of Daath and their debut album called “Doom Spirit Emanation”, and it will crush the feeble much like Henry Rollins crushes insects.

Rites of Daath work in the field of doomy & murky Death Metal, most likely from somewhere beyond the foulest of catacombs, at least judging by the sound of things! The mauling they deliver has an almost War Metal type of clang to it, with all the stubborn and apologetic beating delivered on this album. Calling them a Death Metal version of the mighty Archgoat would not be a far cry. Not in the least. Sounding interesting enough? Well, let’s have a look.

“Shrines of Seclusion”, as a single example, might serve as the best introduction to what the band has to offer on their first release. It has all the heaviness of migrating necro mammoth herds on display, layered with extra mayonnaise lashings of a filthy type of Doom. The vocals come across as a split task alternating between a torturous scream and a low Death Metal growl, and the aesthetic of their debut is encapsulated all in this very tune to perfection. “The Chasm”, then again, displays the more Death metallic approach, with faster drumming and with maybe more dissonant riffs onboard. Comparing Rites of Daath to another album debutante of 2020, Sepulchral Curse, would also make a lot of sense. 

There’s quite a lot of things done well here, but “Doom Spirit Emanation” also leaves some room for constructive criticism. Firstly, the 10 minute monolith of “Primeval Depths of Chaos” is not well constructed enough to keep the listener in a firm grip for all of it’s length, even though some very admirable Death Doom moments are thrown in to quite good effect. Secondly, the last three tunes on the album get stuck in a bit of the same kind of pattern, especially when the last two even share almost the same tempo, so “getting lost” without a track list is definitely a risk. I know, Blasphemy fans don’t seek diversity from their albums, but paying some extra attention to the running order could still do marvels for Rites of Daath in the future. 

Nevertheless, these minor complaints have not stopped me enjoying Rites of Daath quite a great deal. The mesmerising, yet monstrously heavy delivery here reels me in repeatedly. It is easy to return to for more underwordly tours of the album, time after time again. Rites of Daath seem to rely on the same kind of means as their countrymen MGLA on the other side of the Black Metal fence, when you think of it. This is a grim, obscure and gravely type of hypnotism. A spell Extreme Metal fans will fall under with a great deal of ease and therein lies the biggest secret to “Doom Spirit Emanation”. Morbid hypnotism.  

Rating – 4/5

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