Album Review: The Parasitic Survival of the Human Race – Dødsferd


The Parasitic Survival of the Human Race” was originally released in 2013, just a small fragment in an enormous back catalogue of material produced by Greek Black Metal misanthropes Dødsferd who have impressively managed to put out one or more releases pretty much every year since 2003, like past offerings, always as limited-edition releases, so this another opportunity to acquire a very niche market item.

Sound wise it takes no prisoners, an unforgiving, unrelenting raw Black Metal with an intense Crust Punk-edge, which for me channels the wonderfully angry vitriol of GG Allin and the superbly sick humour of Carpathian Forest’s equally legendary lunatic Nattefrost, needless to say lyrically it’s profoundly contempt filled and emotionally unreserved, something I can’t help but admire and they are sufficiently ambiguous that we are free to put our own slant and interpretation on them if we so choose.

The Parasitic Survival of the Human Race” is a six track thirty- three-minute offering that only lets up on the in your face intensity barely long enough for you to draw breath so you get a whole lot of hellish chaos for your money. The album unleashes its ugliness upon you with “Stachtes”(Ashes) a bonus track which wasn’t on the original release making this an all the more desirable acquisition, bursting forth as an destroying wave of intense blackened riffs, unrelenting drum battery and spitefully vitriolic vocals that takes no prisoners as it progresses, culminating is an insane thrashy squeal of leadwork, that’s how to open a Black Metal album!

Then, after a harrowingly deranged opening soundbite the raw driving “Breeding Chaos” which, if the predecessor hasn’t already done so, is guaranteed to fire up even the most corpse like mind with its unrelenting gutsy vitriol which builds to chaotically frenzied proportions, it’s the misanthropes perfect anthem.

The bile spewing and vitriol continues with “Creator of Disease” still driving, raw and dirty but with a touch more subtle melody than the predecessor adding a very engaging edge to the track. 

More soundbites precede “Stupid Worthless Sheep” which again is still angry but also has that lovely dirty, groovy drive. 

After the now seemingly obligatory chunks of deranged babbling soundbite that sits between the tracks comes what is probably my favourite track of the album, “Doubting Your Worth” I love the drum rhythms that dominate, very tribal and primal and blackened , sitting superbly with the driving dirty riffs that course over the top of the sound, ramping up to a deranged Black Metal frenzy for the final minute.

Ending on a Misfits cover “We Are 138” which I like more than the original, this version is ballsier and faster, Wraith starts off channelling his inner Danzig who soon becomes stifled, subdued and smothered by his twin GG and Nattefrost evil alter egos with impressive results, almost as good as Dødsferd’s  cover of GG’s “Bite it you Scum” from the split with NadiwrathMisanthropic Bonds”.

The Parasitic Survival of the Human Race” is available as a limited-edition cassette from band mastermind Wraith’s own label, Fucking Your Creation Records.

Rating – 4.5/5

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