Track Premiere: The Lighthouse Keeper – Poema Arcanvs


Doom Metal. A marvellous thing in the right hands and just flat out sheer dull in the wrong, here today we are honoured to share with you a band that gets it so right on many levels, that being Chile’s Poema Arcanvs with the song “The Lighthouse Keeper” from their upcoming release “Stardust Solitude”. The fact that they have found a home with Transcending Obscurity Records is no surprise considering the already stellar roster of Doom bands they have on hand, and here you will see just why. This band are not newcomers to the scene, having been around since the late nineties, and they wear their love of the early Peaceville Records bands such as Paradise Lost and My Dying Bride on their sleeves with pride, and are also reminiscent of some of the newer acts like Ireland’s The Crawling and Australia’s The Maledict. Needless to say they sit perfectly well with label mates Officium Triste, and The Drowning to name but a few.

As you can see, our Chilean friends here have most certainly mastered the art of the morose and the melodic, and combined with riffs of such magnitude how could they possibly go wrong. Enjoy this, and await the arrival of “Stardust Solitude” on the 28th of August in this, the year that hope has abandoned all, 2020.

Line up
Claudio Carrasco – Vocals
Juan Diaz – Bass Guitar
Igor Leiva – Guitar
Luis Moya – Drums

Track listing
1. Stardust Solitude
2. Orphans
3. Haven
4. The Lighthouse Keeper
5. Straits of Devotion
6. Pilgrim
7. Kingdom of Ruins
8. Brave




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