Album Review: Ascend to the Throne – Saints of Death


Canadian Metallers Saints of Death are about to release seven tracks of melodic, heavy, hard driving, rough and powerful Metal that although only going for around twenty five minutes is well worth every second spent listening to! I don’t really want to pigeon hole “Ascend to the Throne”, and after you’ve listened to the last track you’ll understand why, as there’s bits of Thrash, Death inspired vocals and even traces of Hardcore on here but holy horn raisers Batman these guys know how to pump out neck breaking, arse kicking, pure and unflinching heavy fucking Metal.

The first minute comprises the chant like “Call of the Kings” which is quickly followed by the aggressive and uncompromising title track that kicks in with the lyric “Stand and fight or fall” which is screamed across a galloping “Run to the Hills” style riff that progressively propels this brute of a number along for our listening pleasure and indulgence. 

Downright dirty grooves, brought about by the two basses that are used by the band, are in abundance throughout the album but they are especially noticeable in “God Can’t Help You Now”. “Repentance” and “You Can’t Run” are both rollicking authentic Metal trips that will have your leg stomping and head snapping without you even realising it.

The last track “Soldiers of Metal” will be everyone’s new chosen Metal hymn. With lyrics like “We are the soldiers of Metal, together we’ll conquer the world” and “We will rule the world together, forever”. In my mind’s eye I can visualise Saints of Death bellowing this out in front of a room full of sweaty Canadian Metal heads with the crowd singing the fist pumping chorus. Oh yeah!!!!!

“Ascend to the Throne” is an awesome and authentic call to arms and is gratifyingly produced so that the lyrics can be sung along by all and sundry. It will be released on July 10 so go get it, play it loud and play it often.

Rating – 4/5

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