Track Premiere: The Day – Valgrind

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The Day,” and what a day it is when we here at The Metal Wanderlust get to premiere a track from not only one of our favourite bands, but also one of our favourite labels. Yes, here we have the honour to present to you Italy’s Valgrind with a song from their upcoming fourth full length release “Condemnation,” which is set to be released on the 27th of July, and happens to be nothing short of the excellence that the band has always been renowned for. Major kudos to Memento Mori for adding them to their already spectacular line up, holy shit every time they mention a new signing we just about have heart palpitations, I shit you not.

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So what do we get right here on this very day? “The Day” is as chock full of the heavy, the maniacal, and the downright grittiness that we all expect from Italy’s finest sons. The only way to explain this is to imagine yourself being repeatedly bludgeoned by a rather large sweaty man wearing a leather apron as he is asking you to beg for forgiveness for ALL of your sins, you wretched worm. Punishing stuff to say the least, and just a mere taste of what is to come once the time of “Condemnation” arrives. Such musical finery here on display that you will no doubt soil your breeches, you can bet your sorry arse on that!

So enough bullshit from me, get your ears onto this brilliance, and drool in anticipation for the day we are all condemned!

Magnificence. Here are some links you should check out while you are at it!












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