Album Review: Woe To The Kingdom Of Blood – Hellfekted


Hellfekted are three lads from the Midlands of England that have come together to bring us eight tracks of face shredding Blackened Thrash with accelerated tempo changes that will pummel you black and blue with their heaviness and raw power. “Woe to the Kingdom of Blood” crushes with its basic savagery and aural assault that just rips through the entire album. Not a bad start for a debut album eh.

The title track “Woe to the Kingdom of Blood” kicks this sucker into gear with a mixture of tolling bells and air raid sirens to begin with but then this wonderful chugging riff combines with an almost hymn like melody to drive the track along. “Treachery” amps up the pace and “Tower of Life” follows with its throat searing black toned lyrics, rhythmic guitar and melodic but also frenetic riffs. 

My favourite tracks follow with “Stigma”, “Omen of the Antichrist” and “Fire at Will”, with all three tracks sounding as raw and dirty as a festering wound and all the while combining fierce drumming, vocals that are not sung but spat out with anger and aggression and more of the tremendous riffage that is as impressive in its technicality as it is in its sonic mastery.

“Woe to the Kingdom of Blood” is a nasty piece of effective Blackened Thrash that will get you fired up and will raise hell every time you play it. This was released in March so if you haven’t already, put down your remote, your beer, your fucking whatever, and go and get yourself Hellfekted!

Rating – 4/5

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