Album Review: God Killer – Carrion Vael


How do you feel like about listening to some super skilful, modern and sophisticated mixture of Death, Tech and Thrash all played at breakneck speed? You do? Well then Carrion Vael’s second album “God Killer” will scratch that itch big time.

Every track on this album is executed with fierce precision and is choc full of phenomenal drumming, nasty and intricate guitar riffage and solos and threatening vocals that switch between blood curdling screams and guttural lows with almighty ease. 

From “Inception” which is the lead off track for this terrorising onslaught through to “Something Soulless” and “Moonchild Ritual” and finishing off with “Psalm of Lies” the album is relentless and never gives you a chance to catch your breath or gives any quarter. “Waratah Blooms” is a definitive example of what I’m gabbing on about. Starting off with the tolling of the bells, always a good start, it brings intense and merciless drumming combined with monstrous riffs and some of the most frenzied rage driven vocals you would wish to hear. 

“God Killer” is superbly produced which allows all the musical intricacies and complexities to shine through while also showcasing the power, intensity and barbarous energy of this full-on strong and unashamedly metal assault. 

Carrion Vael have given you a chance to crank this shit up and relieve the stress of your week with this superbly executed juggernaut which is savage and vicious from beginning to end. You really do need to get on to this quick because if they keep producing albums of this quality and superior standard they could and will be huge.

Rating – 4.5/5

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