Album Review: Enevelde – Enevelde


If you are waiting for the follow up release from Black Metal deity haters Misotheist, then in the meanwhile why not check out the self-titled release from Enevelde, the solo project from their vocalist B. Kråbøl. It follows a similar format, a similar duration to the tracks, with nothing under the eight-minute mark, so more than adequate to completely immerse and lose yourself within each of the four tracks, which clock up a total of thirty-six minutes. Sound-wise you will find yourself in familiar territory particularly in the vocal department, not surprisingly, this release is a touch more brutal, slightly more unrelenting but definitely with a similar appeal. 

Although this is a solo project, “Enevelde” does feature guest appearances from; vocalist K.R. of Whoredom Rife on “Forringelse,” Terje Kråbøl of Katechon/Killing for Company on drums on “Irrgangen” and Nosophoros of Mare dropping a lead solo on “Daukjøttet,” keeping things varied and interesting.

Given the plodding pace and duration of “Enevelde” it does have a meandering journey like feel to it, along with a welcome ebb and flow, adding waves of intensity and dimension, whether it’s the darkly atmospheric and suspenseful “Kroppens Mani” and album ten minute monster “Forringelse” with its superb vocal intonation and protraction or the intense suspenseful and multi layered “Irrgangen” which takes the atmosphere and intensity up to the next level especially once the complexities of the drum work kick in, or the final piece “Daukjøttet” where the sinister haunting and suspenseful opener contrasts well against the intense wall of black riffs that surge up and build steadily in intensity, with the deep vitriolic roaring vocals cutting a brutal swathe through the music, completed by a superbly haunting chunk of second half lead work and an ebb and flow that is powerfully encompassing on the upsurge.

I don’t really have a favourite track, once you start listening the whole album merges together and completely envelops you, you loose sense of time or beginning and end, it’s best to just enjoy as a singular item from start to finish, there’s plenty to delve into here for all Black Metal fans. 

Enevelde” is available now via Terratur Possessions with distribution through Ván Records.

Rating – 4/5

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