Album Review: Chasm of Rapturous Delirium – Exaugurate



2020 sucks if you’re into anything other than Death Metal. I mean seriously the amount of good albums coming out so far this year is astronomical. Seems like everyone had their shit together to just decimate everyone this year just like the virus did. The band we’re discussing today is no exception. A brutal, mid paced, beat down your face into a bloody pulp band out of the swampland’s of the American south. EXAUGURATE! Featuring members of Hollowed Idols, Ectovoid, Cemetery Filth, and Seraphic Entombment, they give us all the sweet sound of DEATH!! 

A riff filled four song EP that decimates as soon as it starts with the album opener, “Clandestine Malevolence”, a blast beating slow dredging descent into oblivion with vocals that are unrelenting and unfuckwithable (yes that’s a word deal with it). Some of the best vocals of the year are on this. Straight into the next song, “Chasm of Rapturous Delirium”. A slow descent getting started, with a pinch harmonic riff making you dizzy and then blasting you with shotgun blast beats throughout. The malevolent atmosphere is upfront and honest giving you chills at every turn and leaving you not knowing what to expect with the next riff. 

Enter the third song, “Labyrinth of Veins” which creates more unknowingness, more angst, and builds towards a more sinister approach. Mixing Doom you start your slow dredge into the murky depths from which the band belongs. This song is probably the most atmospheric and evil sounding one of the whole thing. Something about it with the way the drums open up with the guitars on the build and them boom fucking throat cut and you’re in a Giallo film getting sliced. 

Last but not least we have the closer, “Ascendant Beyond Carrion” featuring Dan Lowndes of Cruciamentum. A straightforward banger and also the single, following suit with the rest of the album, it’s a perfect blend of the sound the band is going for and Dan sounds as mean as ever. If you’re a fan of bands like Dead Congregation, Cruciamentum, and Disma you are going to love this. It absolutely kills. 

Rating – 5/5

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