Track Premiere: Morsimon Imar – Death Courier


Another fine day here at The Metal Wanderlust as we are able to bring to you a smashing track premiere from Greek Death Metal outfit Death Courier.  After 30 odd years with a large gap in between, vocalist and bass player Billy Soulas decided to give it all another go with an all new lineup, and a vision of total world conquest, and right here is track seven “Morsimon Imar” from the upcoming “Necrotic Verses” to prove that they are well and truly on the right track without a shadow of a doubt!

Bandpic2 (1)

What you get here is nothing short of the finest of Death Metal delivered with all guns blazing, with a hint of Thrash lurking around in there as well. Powerful, unrelenting, and just plain out vicious, and in the words of our very own VUK, “an easy contender for the album of  the year.” Can’t say much more really now can you! Many thanks to Transcending Obscurity Records as always, and you can get this one on the 5th of June!

Line up:
Billy Soulas – Bass and Vocals
George Petousis – Guitars
Ilias Iliopoulos – Drums

1. Necrotic Verses
2. Mourning Ecstasy
3. As Heaven Blends With Rot
4. When Death Fits To Skin
5. Interlude
6. Pillars Of Murk
7. Morsimon Imar
8. Immune To Burial
9. Visceral Slice
10. Remnants

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