Album Review: Dead World Order – Bitterness


I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. I dunno what the fuck is in the water in Germany but when it comes to Thrash, they have the recipe down pat. Think Kreator, Destruction and Sodom and automatically characteristic Teutonic Thrash attacks come flooding into your head. Well, Bitterness is another classic German Thrash unit and this album has all the characteristics required for our beloved genre.

Bitterness have been kicking around since 2001 and I have given myself a good old arse kicking because I’ve been missing out on hearing this wonderful stuff. You can just hear that during this time they have honed their technical skills because all the tracks on “Dead World Under,” apart from the intro “the Last Sunrise” which is an brief acoustic track and the outro instrumental “Darkest Time,” are full frontal assaults that would make great soundtracks to any mosh-pit and circle work. 


Of the nine tracks on here, my personal favourites are the title track “Dead World Order,”  “A Bullet A Day,” and especially “Let God Sort Em Out.” Apart from the anger infused vocals that spit out venom dripping lyrics there’s superb machine gun riffs, extremely fast percussive and uncompromising beats, shredding guitar leads, speed and aggression. Oh, and when you listen to the lyrics there’s the mandatory usual disdain for humanity. Listen for the line “Kill em all, Let God sort em out.” It will stay with you for ages and make you smirk every time it reaches the surface of your brain membrane. 

“Dead World Order” is a sharp, solid, and devastating Thrash onslaught. Is it new, nup, is it good, absolutely yes.  There’s a brilliant sense of stability and comfort listening to this album and it brought me great joy. It’s absolutely something for all you old world Thrash fanatics. Be one!

Rating – 4/5

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