Album Review: Unearthing the Void – Molested Divinity


In all the Coronavirus chaos, Metal labels are flexing their social responsibility muscles (and helping people isolate) by offering some cracking deals on digital downloads. And that’s how I stumbled across Turkey’s Molested Divinity; I was looking for something to listen to so I could avoid the absolute dogshit on free-to-air TV. I’ve never reviewed a band from Turkey before, so this is a bit exciting.

The only word I can think of for Molested Divinity‘s second album, “Unearthing the Void,” is ‘unrelenting.’ If you put this album on in your car, you better strap yourself in and pray you have airbags. You might get the urge to slam your foot down on the accelerator, sit right up the arse of the car in front of you, and scream at them to get the fuck out of your way. It’s full on! I don’t know how they do it but Molested Divinity make you feel like you’re running late for a very important meeting. When these guys got together to discuss writing this album, I can guarantee that no-one asked: So, how many ballads are we putting on this thing? 

Molesting the Divine” releases the tension momentarily, before Molested Divinty punch you square in the beans again with “Preaching Above the Impenetrable.” The Romans could’ve used some of the guitar work on this album to flay Jesus. And, all the Brutal Death Metal tropes are here. Palm-muted power chords. Vocals reminiscent of a deranged man fornicating with a farm animal. Pinch harmonics that, parenthetically, teeter on being over-used. And blast beats. Lots and lots of blast beats. If unrelenting Brutal Death Metal is your thing, give Molested Divinity‘s “Unearthing the Void” a spin.

Rating – 4 / 5


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