Welcome to the world of tomorrow! Somewhere were bands like Dyssidia, who are the band in question for today’s review, will be considered just ‘ordinary music’. But its 2020, they’re way ahead of their time as is evident on their new opus, “Costly Signals.” Now, I know what you’re thinking. “What the hell is a Dyssidia? Sounds like a prog band. Eww.” To that I say “Quiet down and enjoy your caveman riffs. The only thing progressive about you is your hair balding,” Now that I have your attention, I present to you, “Costly Signals!”

Diving right in is the first track & first single, “Thrive.” For those who enjoy bands like 2000’s-era Opeth, this is right up your alley. The beautiful soundscapes of the introduction are rather broodingly interrupted with a myriad of notes syncopated by just about every instrument, where it is only broken up when the vocals enter the fold and even the playing field a bit sonically. The musicianship between members Mitch Brackman, Corey Davis, Dimitri Ioannou, Neil Palmer and Liam Weedall (on vocals, guitar, keyboards, bass and drums respectively) make their craft on “Costly Signals” seem like an effortless mastery the whole way through the one hour plus run time.  You’d think that “Thrive” pretty much set the scene of the album, right? Wrong.

From the almost Doom laden “The Gutted Stag,” to the Mike Patton-esque staccato screeches from Mitch at the beginning of “Infinitesimal,” to the sonic beauty of “Bloodrush” & “Arrival,”Costly Signals” shows more variation than an op-shop. Additionally, every song has a part that is an absolute ear worm, which further adds to the excitement factor across the whole run time and makes the listener a lot more attentive to what’s going to happen next. Part of the joy that comes from the first listen of “Costly Signals” is just finding out what the heck is going to come next! I might get a lot of lashback for this, but I think Dyssidia do Opeth better than Opeth did in the 2000’s on this one.

Left to right: Neil Palmer, Dimitri Ioannou, Liam Weedall, Mitch Brackman, Corey Davis

So, wrapping it all up, is “Costly Signals” worth that pretty penny you’re holding on to? Absolutely. Without a doubt. It’s clear from the first listen through that there was a lot of meticulous and thoughtful attention to the craft from every musician that makes it an incredible experience from top-to-bottom.

So, what are you waiting for? Get listening already!

Rating: 5/5

MegaDeaf’s deaf-inite listens for “Costly Signals.”

  • Track 1: “Thrive
  • Track 2: “The Gutted Stag”
  • Track 5: “Arrival”
  • Track 7: “Metamorphosis”
  • Track 8: “Good Grief”

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