Album Review: Glam Not Slam – Engutturalment Cephaloslamectomy


Engutturalment “good luck pronouncing our flipping band name” Cephaloslamectomy have released their debut album, “Glam Not Slam.” If you haven’t guessed yet, these guys are the Steel Panther of Slam/Brutal Death Metal…and they have jokes! As an example, the aptly named intro “Worthless intro you will skip” should, in fact, be skipped.

This is an odd release for me. Typically, I’m not a fan of ‘joke’ bands, but Hot Damn!!! These boys can play. This becomes very apparent very quickly. What also becomes apparent is that shit is gonna get a bit weird on “Glam not slam.” On the first track, “Knights in Slammin’ Service” (funny if you know what the KISS acronym stands for), the vocalist does some very cool, and a little unconventional, stuff. It’s ace! There are some very cool vocal moments throughout the album. “8.1.2. and Life (Pitriffs Gone Wild)” has some great vocal rhythms.

I have to mention “I bless the slams down in Africa.” It has one of the most musically humorous intros I’ve ever heard. 

Slam on a stick! The drummer is a flipping machine. Listen to “10,000 Slam Thots (in One)” for an example. The bass-player could keep two, maybe even three, women satisfied with his finger-work. And, the music is diverse. This is 27 and a half minutes of wholesome slammy goodness pieced together by a bunch of fellas who would never use a picture of a massive doodle as an album cover. You should definitely get your meat mittens on “Glam Not Slam.

Rating – 4.5 / 5


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