Album Review: Medium – Medium


The self-titled debut EP “Medium” from Argentinian Metal extremists Medium is really quite an exceptional album, the quality of the material, it’s composition and delivery is both unconventional and brilliant, it’s also very hard to define, there is no one genre you could pigeon hole this release into and that is one of its biggest charms but it’s winning factor is it is such an engaging and exciting listen, even more importantly it is a very accessible listen too, you are immediately drawn into the groove and mood of the album, it wins you over from the first track.

Medium” is a solid eighteen-minute, seven track offering that takes a refreshing energy fuelled approach to Grind/Crust but with a Hardcore Punk influence that encompasses elements of Death and Black Metal also, a hybrid mix of Extreme Metal at its most organic.

One of the most appealing traits is that the whole thing is embedded on a solid base of crusty D-beat drum work, it sets the pace and defines the whole sound and energy level. The harshly acerbic rasping growl to the vocal delivery is excellent, as is all the musicianship, adding density and intent to the sound.

The rampage begins with “Skullcomet Sorcery” where the driving D-beat is punctuated by waves of addictive, sometimes ominous riffing,  squealing leads, finished off with a surprising gutsy second half drop away, “Maximum Rampage” is a full on onslaught that is interspersed with a variety of melodic breakouts that keep the interest without detracting from the brutality, “El Gigante” delivers some of the tastiest lead work you could wish to hear, “Black Future Patrol” may be under two minutes but less is more with this compact piece which has a blackened edge to the dirty melody. “Gargola” has a surprisingly emotive melody to open before the driving D-beat kicks in, the melody returning to add an atmospheric element across the track, complemented by sumptuously exhilarating mid-point lead work, and on the compact “Night Vision” the D-beat is bolstered by driving riffs before driving home with final piece “Radiation Huntress” where the D-beat and intense riffing is also accentuated by superb bursts of lead work, intensity overload from start to finish and what an exhilarating ride it is, no favourites here, just strap yourself in and enjoy!! 

Medium” should be of interest to fans of the likes of MartyrdödSkitsystem, Henry KaneDisfearNapalm Death, early Extreme Noise Terror, and Rotten Sound. Out now on Transcending Obscurity Records.

Rating – 5/5


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