Album Review: Back From The Grave, Straight In Your Face – Innards


Okay, not strictly an album, an EP, so quieten down you lot, Portuguese duo Innards are here to kick your sorry arse, and that is as sure a fact as the sun rising in the morning, chickens laying eggs, and swords having pointy ends! First off, they had me with a bit of a soundbite from an Evil Dead movie, and then they have followed up this excellence with an absolute knee breaker of an EP on “Back From The Grave, Straight In Your Face.” Secondly, I did say duo, as the drums where done by a session drummer so there you have it.

This one will give you all those Old School feels if you are indeed an old man like myself, containing all the Deathly Grindly essence of such bands as Benediction, Napalm Death, Cancer, Deicide and many many more. Simply put, if you loved that sort of shit back in it’s heyday, our friends here have got you covered in the finest of ways. They also remind me of American Thrash/Death band Scaphism in ways, the delivery is the key here, flat out riffs for days with a heap of D-beat, Blast beats, and gurgling rotten vocals vomited upon you in more than one way with such ferocity that all the furry animals (and feathered ones, of course) in your neighbourhood will flee post haste, and probably take all the old folk with them. Nothing to complain about there!

No point at all in doing this one track by track, that would spoil all the fun, and seeing as there are only three, but you can bet your weight in intestines and other slimy body parts that “Night of the Anthropophagous” (in simple terms night of the cannibal), “Enlightenment Through Hate,” and “The Fog” will rip open your puny mortal form and splatter you all over the room like some sick kind of artist with a chainsaw and a hook for a hand. Trust me, you want this.

Hats off to Hugo and Rui (and Rolando on drums) for such excellence!

Rating – 5/5


  1. Thanks a lot for the wonderful review, Andrew Cook/The Great Mackintosh!!
    IS it possible to submit it into our Metal Archives Profile, please? Reviews section of the EP.
    Thank you so much for your support!!
    CHeers from Portugal \m/


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