Album Review: Circle of Suffering – Sylosis


Yell it from the roof tops and let the flyovers begin, Sylosis are back with their new album “Circle of Suffering” and this album will ensure that they get the acclaim and credit they deserve from the rest of the Metal kingdom. This is really what Metal is all about. Anger and disdain for the norm by technically gifted musicians that make light of what non-Metal people think that it’s just about screaming and banging on instruments. They just don’t get what all us Metal heads appreciate, and Sylosis is the epitome of this.

It’s been a long wait for “Circle of Suffering”. five years in fact since “Dormant Heart” blessed us with its presence and it was so worth the wait, so if I sound like a fanboy then, yep guilty as charged. This album is chock full of classic driving Thrash riffs and guitar work that leave you pleading and clamouring for more, drumming at its most extreme and just plain dangerous vocals that are brutal, angry and scream at you with pure desperation and agony. However, there’s more to this album than just primitive ferocity and viciousness. Listen to the intoxicating grooves, clever intros and outros and quieter pieces that permeate subtly and shrewdly through the whole album to keep you absorbed and engrossed, and not just blasted and blown out of your safe sanctuary. On top of this there’s some stellar song writing, and the production is just on point. 

I started to describe a few of the tracks that would provide the testimony of what I’m writing about but its like trying to name your favourite kids because as soon as I start writing a track name down, say “Circle of Suffering” and start discussing the classic and technical guitar solos combined with vocals that are as captivating as they are wrathful and callous, then along comes “Calcifying” with that classic chugging riff we all love to hear, then fuck me “Apex of Disdain” smashes you in the face like a two ton hammer with beautifully highlighted lead work and some of the most powerful drum skin belting any kit has ever received. See what I mean, and I haven’t even mentioned “Arms like a Noose”, “Empty Prophets” and so it goes on. The only bit of let up is the closing track “Abandon” which is definitely one for you concert lighter holderuppers because it’s dark, melodic and haunting but still so powerful.

Looking around on the Net, it seems that every man and his dog has had a go at reviewing “Circle of Suffering” and as I read them I cant help but think, if everyone loves them so much, then why aren’t Sylosis rated as one of the Metal bands of the ages. Icons if you will.  There must be some sort of mathematical equation out there that someone way smarter than me can come up with that explains it, but until that comes out I’ll be here listening to this with my head in my hands and wondering what the fuck is the matter with this world.

This is a call to war and a victorious return for Sylosis no doubt about it. Old fans will love “Circle of Suffering” cause they just will, but this should also bring in a new batch of listeners, and if doesn’t, can someone please fucking explain to me what is going on! 

Rating – 5.5/5

Yeah I know technically I can’t score that but screw you it’s just that fucking good.

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