Exclusive Premiere: Entrenched in Nihilism – Henry Kane


Whoah, have we been a lucky bunch of buggers of late. First Transcending Obscurity Records gave us an exclusive premiere of Italy’s monstrous Xpus, and no sooner than you can say “Who bought all the toilet paper ya bastards”, Kunal hits us with another absolute belter! Yes, this time we are honoured to present to you the exclusive premiere of a track from the upcoming Henry Kane album, “Age of the Idiot!” Our good mate Jonny Pettersson, (Wombbath, Heads For The Dead, Nattravnen) is the main man on this one, handling all instruments, production, and mixing, as well as writing all of the songs (except the very last one which is a cover of an Asta Kaske number), and what a monumental effort it is!


Grind, Crust and Death Metal are all mixed into a ferocious package on this one. You may, as we did, think that you couldn’t get much heavier than Henry Kane‘s previous effort “Den förstörda människans rike,” and are about to find out just how fucking wrong you are! 19 songs that set a blistering pace, with some remarkable variety thrown in for good measure to prove that not only has Jonny put his heart and soul into “Age of the Idiot,” he also has a decidedly wicked view on the state of the current world and all of it’s woes! This one releases on the 22nd of May!

Line up –

Jonny Pettersson – All instruments (Duh..)

Track listing –

1. En Evig Plågan
2. Tidens Tand
3. Veil of Hatred
4. Den Felande Länken
5. Embraced By Nothing
6. Age of the Idiot
7. Disposable Humans
8. Entrenched in Nihilism (ft. Liam Hughes of Soothsayer)
9. Mitt Hjärtas Mörker
10. My Sweet Escape
11. Keep us from the Truth
12. No Road to Redemption
13. March of the Dumb
14. By the Virtue of Hate
15. Liar oh Father the Liar
16. Snarans Ballad
17. Take it Back
18. Welcome to Oblivion
19. Psykopaten (Asta Kask cover)

So without further ado, here is “Entrenched in Nihilism,” containing guest vocals from Liam Hughes of Soothsayer fame! Hell yes!





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