Album Review: Le Temps Peste – Maudiir


From deep within the Canadian underground comes ‘F’, with his one man Black ‘n’ Thrash Metal project Maudiir, and debut EP “Le Temps Peste“, a corrosive five track offering that finds lyrical inspiration from “observations on obedience and industrialisation riddled with man-made waste” addressing aspects of “consumer society, religion, science going awry, addiction to technology, and environmental decay” delivered vocally with acerbic vitriol and pessimistic intent.

Sound wise whilst deeply embedded in Black ‘n’ Thrash there are also elements of 80’s Heavy Metal and Punk with a slight Progressive leaning alongside a modern twist, not surprising as ‘F’ was previously involved with the underground outfit Progressive Death ‘n’ Thrash outfit Deeply Confused and Progressive Metal band Tears for the Dead Gods as well as currently leading Progressive Thrash Metal outfit Trinity Blast.


Le Temps Peste” is overall an engaging listen that, as it progresses, gets even better and more complex, gradually easing you into the building mood and feel of the EP, the first couple of tracks  “Product” and “Abuse The Used” build on bleak Blackened driving riffs alongside a vitriolic rasping vocal delivery, the latter also benefiting from more of a haunting melody developing, a galloping Thrashy second half and soaring lead work which really adds to the sound.

By the time we reach “Wasteland” it’s still dark and Thrashy, but with a few Prog elements dropped in alongside vocal distortions and elevated repeat riffs that put me slightly in mind of Ihsahn, you also get excellent midpoint lead work creating an overall very full and dynamic sound. At this point I thought I’d discovered my favourite track of the album but there were more surprises in store for me. The subtly woven in Ihsahn inspiration continues until the end with “Surge of Fire“, bleak and driving Black Thrashy riffs and a haunting underlying melody with mid-point lead work delivered with plenty of flair to the execution and final track “Snakes of Creation” is a real work of excellence with ‘F’ putting everything into it, a Blackened crushing drive, well executed Black ‘n’ Thrash direction switching, sandwiching in a couple of chunks of intense building riffs, then a sudden dramatic mid-point drop off setting a whole new reflective mood with haunting guitars and spoken word.

I expected that to be it and there to be just an extended reflective fade but it rebuilds into a fascinating dark Prog influenced close, topped off with stunning soaring lead work and skilful, effectively layered guitar work, a gem of a track. 

Maudiir formed to be musically independent and “Le Temps Peste“, is out now as a self-release, name your price digital down load from, and if you enjoy this EP as I did, the good news is another release is currently in the works, if you are a fan of the work of bands like Skeletonwitch, Darkthrone, or even Ihsahn, this should be of interest to you.

Rating 4/5


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