Album Review: The Legend of Thraat – Dymbur


Extreme, Djent, Math, Experimental and Progressive are all words that describe bands that utilise differing time signatures, technical complexity and rhythmical dense grooves to beat the shit out of the listener and also confuse the fuck out of every punter that listens to this wonderful cacophony of sounds and rhythms. You know, bands like Meshuggah, Tesseract and even Textures. Well now you can add Dymbur to this list because their debut album “The Legend of Thraat” fits all these genres and they just bring it in spades.

Apparently, it took a few years for Dymbur to realise their dream and well, it was worth the wait. This album has the technical as well as the passion, and each song delivers atmosphere, character and brutality that just makes you want to listen to it repeatedly. Trust me cause that exactly what I’ve been doing at every opportunity. 

“The Legend of Thraat” is a fantasy driven concept album. The opening three minute spoken word pathway sets the scene of the journey that is about to befall the listener. From here, through eight superbly crafted phases until “Anecdote”, which is the last track on this opus, you will be swept away by technical mastery on all instruments, riffs that are nothing short of inspired, and vocals that range from clean to Death Metal growls, and amazing pain inducing screams that would tear a hole through the fabric of universe.

I’m not going to break down or list my favourite tracks as this album need to be listened to as a whole with each track bringing its own exceptional and essential part of the story telling being laid out for our listening pleasure. Chapters of Dymbur’s vision if you will.

Rest assured, Dymbur could become anything in the world metal scene if the gold star standard and wizardry shown on “The Legend of Thraat” is anything to go by so why the fuck are you still sitting there, get off your arse and get yourself a copy.  

Rating – 4.5/5



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