Interview: Eternal Rot

The always keen to have a chat Meddlefan recently did just that (amazing I know) with Death Metal maniacs Eternal Rot! Bask in his excellence, revel in their awesomeness! Do whatever the fuck you want but just bloody well have a read anyway okay!

So to begin with, where are all you guys from!

Ugh! From many years we live in England (Warford and Bedford respectively) we come from south-eastern Poland. Mayer from Sanok (city famous for birthplace of the greatest painter of all times – Zdzislaw Beksinski) and Grindak from Staszow. Basically we’re Polish freaks in UK. Recently we’ve been joined by Radek Pierscinski who recorded drums for 2nd album. He lives in Bialystok in Poland and doing excellent job while playing in bands such as Meat Spreader, The Dead Goats and Neuropathia.

How was growing up? Normal, crazy?

Bit of both I suppose. All of us were fortunate enough to discover metal music quite early so it reflected on most of our hobbies, circles of friends, etc. Long haired kids being interested more with music and having fun than school and home related duties, I believe it is (or used to be) like that almost everywhere.

You guys wrote a crushing release! How long did it take to complete?

Thank you very much, crushing factor is absolutely deliberate and it was our intention to do it so we’re glad of your opinion. It took 5 years as free time sometimes was non-existent, sometimes there were months with no activity… but here you go, finally it been spewed out. Hopefully in the future things will be quicker, even though nowadays we’re even busier with jobs and lives as before. Second album is already completed and it took almost a year to do it, so comparing with “Cadaverine” it is not too bad.

How do you approach writing your music?

Usually I sit with my guitar, setting up some rhythm and jam till I feel that the riff is right, sometimes it can take long time to find the one I will be satisfied with. When I feel the spark then I try to build the track around it, with certain atmosphere and heaviness which will fit to Eternal Rot. It can be quite long process but when I have track completed then we’re thinking of vocals etc.

How is the music scene around your way. Healthy?

It is well, although we don’t follow everything what is going on. Plenty of good bands, a lot is going on on the Black Metal scene. From death/doom oriented side we can recommend ones like Haunted Cenotaph, Abhorrent Funeral, Kingdom, in general the catalogue of our label Godz Ov War Productions is definitely worth of checking out. Earlier we’ve mentioned bands where Radek plays and they stand out.

Do you like all different styles of music, and if so what are some of your favourites

Sure, we’re not the types who are listening to Death Metal 24/7. We’re into most of the good stuff, Mayer has much love towards artists like Dead Can Dance, Pink Floyd, Grindak favors a lot of Electronic/Ambient and Dub-Techno stuff, Radek is all over the place with his musical interests. Death Metal is our most liked genre anyway and this is why we’re in this together now.


Who would you rather be in a battle Conan, or a super hero character?

Very tough question, but I think I would be Maggot Man from 2nd Abscess album!

What are your favourite horror flicks?

Obviously it is The Night of the Living Dead. Grindak’s favorite are The Shining, The Exorcist and Alien saga.

How do you feel about the present state of the music scene?

It is great and never better.  One can complain that it is over saturated because nowadays even if you’re checking out stuff all day you won’t catch all the good bands, but this is fine. It’s great to have a choice, no one forces anyone to listen to some certain band. We’re conscious that those bands which were ruling the scene over 25 years ago are still the best but you have to give a chance to the younger ones and there is a ton of good ones. You don’t have to be a band with big budget and major label behind your back to reach to the people on the other side of the world, we’re quite good example of it. The distances have shrunk because of the Internet and music scene is thriving on it, especially Metal underground.

What video games do you prefer if any?

From all of us only Grindak is a keen player, but lack of free time is stomping hardly on this hobby as well. But when time allows the he wanders around and picking up the flowers in Witcher 3 or is being killed by scum sniper in Battlefield. Survival horror games bringing him close to heart attack so sometimes he watches the gameplay on YouTube.

What types of things do you enjoy collecting?

Collecting is probably too big word in our cases but we enjoy nicely released vinyl, CD, or tape wardrobes are full of t-shirts with corpses on them. Nothing spectacular like spiders, snakes or bodies under the floor… Radek owns huge collection of horror movies on Blueray/DVD.

What is one of the craziest things you have ever done?

About craziest ones it is better to stay silent, and many of these that would be worth mentioning we just don’t remember because of too much booze. Being born and staying alive is crazy enough.

What is your favourite cold cereal?

Favourite one is a roadkill flavor. With a mint leaf on the top of course.

Where is the coolest place you have been on Earth? (Or another dimension if you have been to one.)

Another dimension is already visited, but it wasn’t cool enough so I’ll skip the description of it. Favourite ones would be the woods of south – eastern Poland and Bieszczady Mountains. Nature in general, no matter where, far away from crowded places.

How old were you guys when you started playing?

I’ve started to play when I was a teenager around 13-14 yo. Before starting Eternal Rot I had few year gap in playing guitar.

Any other projects you guys are involved in may we ask?

I’ve been involved with some guitar noises on the project called Noise Nihilist, and Radek is playing in Metal Spreader (gore grind with healthy dose of punk element) / The Death Goats (Death Metal cooked in Swedish style) / Neuropathia (grind core hit parade)

Who are your favourite authors, if you read that is?

Mayer likes Carlos Castaneda and nowadays is mostly into music-related books. For Grindak that would be the ones like H.P. Lovecraft,  E.A. Poe, Stanislaw Grabinski, Philip K. Dick, Stanislaw Lem, Philip Roth, Anthony Burgess, Kazimierz Raton.

Who would be your largest influence in metal?

2 words, first is Black and second is Sabbath. There couldn’t be another answer, if someone is giving you a different name then they are just lying. After that there would be Motorhead, Metallica, Venom, Bathory… For us personally it is Death Metal we listened when we were growing up.

When can we expect some new material?

New album is ready but it will be released not sooner than in 2020, as soon as we know the details we will share it on our FB profile.

Do you like to go fishing, hiking, rock climbing? Sword fighting? Nun chucks perhaps?

We would like all of it but there is no time for this. Most of free time we spend with our families, bicycles are important for us as well, travelling, occasional gig with few beers in hand, fighting with sleep deprivation, not starving yet in style, grave robbing, typical hobbies of your average busy Death Metal obsessed freak in his 40’s.

What would be some of the best live shows you have been to?

There are tons of it! Most memorable were Iron Maiden / Slayer / Candlemass / Venom / Testament. Grindak’s favorite would be Naked City / Scorn / Autopsy / Bolt Thrower / Dead Can Dance / David Sylvian / Neurosis / Suffocation / Current 93.

eternal rot
Once again, awesome crushing release, and thanks for being so cool! Killer!

Thanks! Hopefully you’ll like new stuff as well! Keep rotting!

And there you have it. Awesomeness achieved, and many thanks to Eternal Rot for their time! And of course, thank you to Meddlefan, he’s our man, and no you can’t have him! Tune in very soon for more of his malarky! Now here’s some links, you know what to do!

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