Album Review: Extreme Conditions – Goatburner


Goatburner! While you may not know the name straight off the top of your acid filled skull, you’ll surely know the members of the band. This is a two piece formed in the fiery depths of Helsinki, Finland with Spider (Skulmagot) on drums and Kaos (Rotten Sound, Age of Woe, Morbid Evils) on guitar and vocals! If you’re not familiar with any of those bands then stop what you’re doing and immediately jam them! 

Mixing elements of Death Metal and Grind, these guys know how to keep it sporadic and contained all in the same song. The first song starts and you get, “Blown Away” by the sheer veracity of the drums getting completely in your face, no introduction needed the same with the second song, “Dead Alert” although a little Doom riff before the destruction is essential to their sound. Like I said in the beginning, sporadic and yet contained. 

Now into the beef of the album starting at song three, “Drowned Alive”. More on the groove side of the album this has a more ‘down tuned to make your face shrivel’ type feel bringing slow riffs to get you started and a good minute and a half in bringing back the aggressive grind style that you think of when the first two songs end. Tke note though, this isn’t some grind album that’s only twelve minutes long and has fifty seven tracks. No this is a well orchestrated album blending the types of music that these gentlemen are known for, Grind and Death. 

Song’s like “Frozen Grounds” and “Get Sick and Die” are frozen guitars with a Doomy feel with waves of other things crashing into the sound while tunes like, “Violent Redeemer” and “Vortex of Chaos” take a violent turn throughout while the Death waves hit like sledgehammers. With playing both sides of that Grind/Death coin, I think Goatburner have crafted a well put together an album that blends everything well whilst not fatiguing the listener with just straight Grindy madness. Fantastic stuff!

Rating – 4/5

Get burned!

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