Single Review: The Memory Of Death – Intaglio


Russian Funeral Death/Doom duo Intaglio return with a new track, “The Memory of Death“, their first for fifteen years, in the shape of a demo single from the forthcoming, as yet untitled, new album via Solitude Productions

The previous self titled release was a hauntingly melancholic and hugely reflective, atmospheric offering that certainly pushed the boundaries of Funeral Death/Doom at the time, but lacked the density and depth of sound this new track has to offer. 

This time around they have not only upped their game in the production department  but also in terms of composition there has been an enormous step up, much more richly layered and less harsh with a much more mournful quality, with the layering of drum work and guitars topped off with what is the icing on the cake for me, the addition of double bass and cello, adding a classical sophistication to the overall sound, something I really hope continues to feature in the upcoming album. Having had a taste of this I’d be very disappointed if there wasn’t more, it’s simply magnificent, completed by Maxim’s bleak, mournful growling vocals and what you have is not only a piece of music that will stand well alongside any piece of Funeral Death/Doom it will firmly challenge it and it also has the most organic ebb and flow you could wish for, carrying you gently along with the sound as you introspectively contemplate…. everything.

The Memory of Death” will be available on all major digital platforms from 9th January 2020, but it is currently available on YouTube and Bandcamp and the sophomore full-length album is currently in production and scheduled to be released some time in 2020, also via Solitude Productions.

Rating – 5/5


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