Interview: Sadistik Forest

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Our old mate Meddlefan sure does get to talk to some cool bands without a doubt, but this time he has pulled an amazing rabbit out of the proverbial hat by getting the chance to have a chinwag with one of our favourite bands of all time here at TMW, the mighty Sadistik Forest! These guys just keep getting better and better as they go along, and the fact that they are all a bunch of bloody legends doesn’t hurt their cause either, so kick back and enjoy the ride! Many thanks to both them and Meddlefan for such awesomeness!


So guys, many thanks for this. would you care to share with the readers who they are getting to know on this fine day?

Well, we are Sadistik Forest! Death Metal geezers from Northern Finland! We are all here. Antti (guitars), Jarkko (guitars), Vesa (drums), and Markus (bass & vocals)!

And for the next obvious question, where did you all grow up? 

Antti: In a small town called Sotkamo.

Markus: In a small backwoody town of Nilsiä, which is mainly known for a slalom center and religious yahoos. Luckily, we moved to even smaller a village called Sukeva, which is mainly known for a prison.. hahah! 

Vesa: In a town called Kemijärvi. That’s the most northernmost town in Finland, above the Arctic Circle. 

Jarkko: Mostly I grew up in Kemijärvi “city” in the Northern Finland. It is rather a small village really, but we moved around a little bit when I was young.

And to continue this theme, where do you live now?

Antti: In the city of Oulu. 

Vesa: The same. 

Jarkko: Kuopio, Finland.

Markus: In a forest. Not joking. 

Nosturi Lou 2

Care to tell us what you love most about where you live? 

Antti: Our rehearsal place is here. 

Jarkko: There are many lakes around Kuopio and nature is close by where I live. 

Markus: There is peace, privacy and independence to life here. And nature as a surrounding is far more interesting to me than a city would be. After moving here, have developed a hobby of following the astral phenomena too as there is no light pollution here. 10 miles to the nearest street light, you know. 

And on the flip side, what bothers you the most about where you live? 

Antti: Too cold and windy, and too far away from everywhere. 

Jarkko: Nothing bothers me too much, really.

Markus: Well, the bars could be a bit closer… hahah! Well, not much to be honest. In digital age it is much easier to keep in contact with people, no matter where you live. One can order quite a lot of stuff from the internet as well.

And now the question we all like to know, what kind of music did you grow up listening to? 

Jarkko: Nothing particular. Mostly radio and what ever half-horrible 80´s junk my parents would listen to.

Antti: Mainly 80’s and 90’s metal and rock and 80’s pop. 

Vesa: I went from synth pop to early death metal like Entombed, Cannibal Corpse, and Edge of Sanity. Then black metal took over after the mid-90’s. 

Markus: ZZ Top were the band that got me into music. The groove and the boogie of theirs. Punk came along in teenage years, from where it was quite a small step to thrash metal. Thrash metal lead to death metal and at some point black metal came along as well. These things were all going on in the 90’s. Around the Millennium I got bored to extreme metal almost completely and got more into progressive rock and garage rock. Luckily, extreme metal kicked back in after being absent for some years. The bands that were the most crucial for me as a kid were probably Metallica, Testament, Megadeth, Motörhead, Black Sabbath, Paradise Lost, Judas Priest, Napalm Death, and Morbid Angel.  

Who or what would you say where the biggest influences in the formation of Sadistik Forest.

Antti: Possessed, Slayer, Deicide, Kreator, Sodom, Morbid Angel, Nocturnus, Emperor, Behemoth, basically all the first or second albums of every legendary death, thrash, black or extreme metal band that started in the 80’s or 90’s. The energy and drive of those albums, where no mercy is shown, asked or given. Also bands who do what they want without adjusting to any boundaries made by anyone or anything. 

Vesa: All the relentless extreme metal we grew up with. 

Markus: This one has to be the “Monotheist” album by Celtic Frost. For me personally, that is. That was the record that convinced me to get back in creating more extreme kind of music than my bands at the time were doing. That record was the big wake up call for the last personal train to extreme metal town and luckily, Antti contacted me about his plans of forming a brutal new band pretty soon after. Was easy to say yes to it. 

Jarkko: I think Antti initially created SF and in my opinion did it really cleverly.

Any other projects/bands you are involved with? 

Jarkko: Therapeutic covers band called The Hot Rod Band and Heartburn. Heartburn‘s style of music is hard rock or something close to it.

Markus: I have a death metal band called Nervesaw going and we are about to go and record a full album in a week or so. We are going to Barcelona, Spain, to work with Javi from Graveyard. He has a place called Moontower Studios there and as we are pals from a while back, it was an easy choice to record there. Besides, working in Spain in early winter will be fun. Something different to sleet, rain and frost we have in Finland at the moment. 

You have an E.P. coming out soon. What can you tell us about that? 

Antti: It was the first time we could record all the basic tracks by playing live in the studio together at the same time, which was the way we have always wanted to record. The overall sound will be a little bit different than before, so I’m curious to hear what people will think about it.

Markus: It was recorded in a great studio in Kuopio, called Studio 33. The place is most known for being the place where Watain recorded some of their early works in, but what mattered to us was the fact it had separate recording rooms. We could record simultaneously, like AC/DC does and simply just ram through the songs. So, this is a pure live in the studio recording, just like Antti said. Totally different kind of an approach than the careful clockwork of our previous albums. It has our rehearsal amps in it and everything. Very true to the sound of these four people playing in the same room. No gimmick to it whatsoever. It’s a bit peculiar thing to use such an advanced studio to record such a raw release… heheh! 

Vesa: It was also the first time we recorded with our original guitarist Jarkko

Sadistik forest studio 24.jpg

What did the process involve in the making of this E.P.?

Markus: After we agreed with our label (Transcending Obscurity Records) that we need to get something out soon after our previous album “Morbid Majesties“, we settled on the idea of writing an E.P. worth of material quick and maybe try a bit different approach in recording of it as well. E..P is a great format to be a bit experimental and we fully embraced the idea this time. Musically, it looks back a bit more to our early influences. Songs have vibes similar to early Atheist, Sepultura, and Darkthrone for example. It is definitely less modern in sound and in songwriting than a couple of our previous works have been. Very much riff oriented music, more about the song itself than sheer brutality of the tune alone.    

Jarkko: Cant say much about writing, but I really enjoyed recording it.

Antti: It was a little bit rushed because we ran out of time and Matti (our previous guitarist) wasn’t involved in the process so much anymore, but otherwise not much different than before. This time we composed and arranged most of the songs at our rehearsal place together instead of making them almost ready at home. Luckily Jarkko was able to come with us to the studio – at the last minute – to help us out and put his magic touch on the E.P. 

Vesa: We just threw ideas around this time. 

When can we get our grubby little hands on this one?

Markus: We’ve been talking with T.O. that it would see the light of day in early 2020. 

Antti: Hopefully quite soon

Do you get to travel much at all?

Antti: Yes. 

Markus: Usually with the band just. Music is my main excuse to go on a road trip. We are going to play in Russia and in London with SF soon. Really looking forward to both. And of course, there’s that Nervesaw album recording in Spain…. 

Jarkko: I would love to travel more but usually the budget says no.

Where do you go on holidays when you get the chance?

Antti: I mostly spend my holidays travelling around Europe and going to all kinds of music festivals or concerts. I would like to travel much more all around the world. 

Markus: I’m a bit of a road dog by heart, so the travel itself is sometimes even more exciting than the destination. So, as long as I get to travel occasionally, it is all good. A car, boat, or a plane going somewhere and I’m happy. 

Jarkko: I mostly go to our summer cabin with my wife and children. It´s a really nice place with minimal commodities. A place to rest in.

Do you enjoy fishing at all, and if so what type?

Antti: Not very much. 

Jarkko: I enjoy fishing if i catch fish. I´m not good at it, but its fun occasionally.

Markus: Don’t really have too much time to go fishing these days, but there are some ponds, rivers and lakes near where I live, so I guess it is just a matter of getting out there. Being out in the wild is always brilliant, let it be hiking, or fishing or whatever. I’m happy there. It is something my dad taught me as a kid. 

Care to share with the readers any of your hobbies?

Antti: Going to concerts and festivals. 

Markus: Music is my main thing. Besides work there really is not too much time for anything else. Reading is a great hobby and I try to keep up a pace of two books a month. That would be the optimal thing. I am also writing a book about the history of Finnish death metal with Kena from Festerday. That one is coming out hopefully next year. 

Jarkko: I’m a nerd. I enjoy building and fixing computers.

What about collecting stuff, what do you get into?

Jarkko: According to my wife I collect useless computer related, or other electronic scrap.

Antti: CD’s mainly. 

Markus: Records. And my wife collects books. Our house looks like a library. 

Sadistik forest studio 6.jpg

Who would happen to be some of your favourite authors?

Jarkko: I don’t read too much, but I like Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris etc.

Markus: To name a few; Philip K. Dick, Gene Wolfe, Charles De Lint, Terry Pratchett, Bernard Cornwell, Neil Gaiman, Paul Hoffman, and Sami Lopakka, who also used to play guitar in Sentenced. Childhood faves of mine were J.R.R. Tolkien and Stephen King. This was in early 90’s, late 80’s when Tolkien was not cool yet. Long before the movies, when his works were considered to be mainly works for the hazy 1970’s prog oriented dudes. Hahaha! 

Antti: Stan Lee

Vesa: Beevor, Peterson, Solzhenitsyn

And having asked that, what type of books do you like to read?

Antti: Mainly biographies and comic books, but usually don’t have time to read anything. 

Jarkko: I like history, philosophy, technology and science related stuff. I wish I could read more.

Markus: Sci-Fi, Fantasy, books about history, mythology and biographies as well. Almost anything goes. Reading is good for your brain. 

On a different note, what is your favourite car/truck?

Jarkko: My XC90, ha…

Markus: Well, it has to be a 4WD. 4WD is like old Sepultura. Anything else is like Winger. Hahahaha! 

Antti: All those cars we can throw at people with Thor!

One of my standard questions, and one we all need to know, what do you think of Conan the Barbarian?

Markus: Love the stories and love the first movie as well. 

Antti: Crom! 

Jarkko: Crrrooommm!!

I’m a particularly large fan of “The Riddle of Steel”, how about you? Can you relate to this?

Jarkko: Yes sir!

Antti: Hopefully. 

Markus: Do you mean a game, or the philosophy? 

Vesa: “What is steel compared to the hand that wields it?” 

To continue the entertainment theme, what movies do you enjoy if any?

Antti: Everything by Marvel, and also other superhero movies, and films by Coen Brothers (especially “The Big Lebowski“), and you can’t forget Arnold Schwarzenegger either, also other action movies, clever comedies and definitely all kinds of movies from Japan, China and South Korea. 

Markus: Movies were a big part of my life in earlier years, but these days it is quite hard to find time for them. But my favourite genres are western, sci-fi (especially the dystopian ones) and action films. Grew up in the golden age of Arnie and Sylvester Stallone, so go figure! Hahah! Also, am a fan of those 90’s type of more goth kind of films like The Crow, or Bram Stoker’s Dracula

Jarkko: These days I mostly watch TV series and kids movies…

015 (1).JPG

If you could be any character from any universe or realm who would it be and why? This includes horror characters of course!

Antti: One of the knights who say Ni. 

Jarkko: Scrooge McDuck!! I’m broke..

Markus: “If I could start again, a million miles away / I’d keep myself, I’d find a way” 

What would be your favourite weapon if you had to choose?

Markus: Hahahaha! An old shotgun… hahaha! Did play too much Doom as a kid. 

Jarkko: Hahaha! depends of the situation.

Antti: Well, like Heavy Load sang: “The guitar is my sword, I’ll fight ’til I die. Rock ‘n’ roll is my lord ’til the very last sigh”. 

What would you say is your favourite beverage? 

Jarkko: Alcohol-free beer.

Markus: Black coffee, cold beer and whiskey. Cannot name one.  

Antti: Water, German beer called 5,0. and White Russians. 

Vesa: Cold and tasteless beer during a blast beat. Hahaha! 

What type of food do you enjoy the most?

Antti: Don’t have any favourites. 

Jarkko: Pretty much all kinds. I love food and eating.

Markus: Lasagne, maybe. If it is unhealthy enough. And comes with a cold beer. 

Have you ever eaten Puffer fish?

Markus: Hahah! No. 

Jarkko: No, I’m still alive, aren’t I?

Antti: I don’t think so, what’s that? 

What is the craziest thing you have ever done that you are willing to talk about?

Jarkko: hmmm…what can I talk about? Better not.

Antti: Surviving till this point in life. 

Markus: I guess the combination of alcohol and Jackass was quite a disaster back in the day. Maybe driving down the rooftop of a house with a Stiga in the wintertime? Punk and black metal years in general did include quite a lot of bad behaviour.. haha! 

Vesa: It has something to do with vomiting… 


Do any of you skateboard? 

Jarkko: I don’t think so, we are too clumsy for sure!

Antti: Not me. 

Markus: I used to, when I was a kid. That was in the punk rock days. Haven’t been on a skateboard for a long, long time.

What about surfing? Anyone surf?

Jarkko: I don’t think so.

Antti: Not me, maybe only occasional crowd surfing. 

Markus: The lake nearby is frozen already…

Who likes Darth Vader ? Who doesn’t like Darth Vader? 

Jarkko: Who does not like Darth Vader?!

Vesa: I prefer death metal Vader! 

Antti: Well, he’s ok, but maybe Dark Helmet is cooler. “Yes, I always have my coffee when I watch the radar, you know that.” 

Markus: Fuck yeah! Dark Helmet is definitely the cooler one! Hahahaha!


And that’s pretty much it people! See, told you they are a bunch of great guys! Many thanks to you Sadistik Forest for a great interview with many a chuckle along the way! Check these links below if you are daft enough not to have had much to do with this lot, we implore you! Magnificent!

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