Album Review: Endless Return – Murder Made God


“There’s no point in fighting for the throne if you’re not going to make a difference.” – Rhiannon Thomas (author). In Death Metal, I disagree with this statement. Murder Made God isn’t really making a difference, but has fought hard and claimed the right to the throne.

In a time of extreme over-saturation in the Technical Death Metal and Djent sub-genres, a band these days needs to make a true difference to achieve recognition for their art. How this band does it is with a sound modern Death Metal fans want, and they deliver consistently throughout the album.

Murder Made God have stepped up on their sharp Tech-Death sound with their sophomore release “Endless Return”, which is worthy of challenging any of the original bands in the field. Anyone these days can just throw some cool sounding riffs together to create an extreme metal album, but what takes skill is fitting that into a traditional Death Metal album and fusing technicality into it with good song writing. And Murder Made God have pulled that off very well.

The most obvious influence in the album for me at least is the tech-death band Decapitated, but what is surprising is that while Decapitated’s sound has changed quite a lot over the years, this album somehow draws influence from all their releases.

“The Sword” not surprisingly is truly a Decapitated tribute and seems to be intentionally made this way. Fans of said band from the 2000-2010 era are in for a treat. Vogg (guitarist/composer of Decapitated) should be proud of what he has paved the way for.

There are no filler tracks, just straight Tech riffs for days which pretty much encompasses the entire album. Each song has a good amount of length and uniqueness and still blends well into the overall album and the band’s sound. Many times, an album contains about the 2-3 good songs, but this one has all songs on point. So good that I cannot even begin to choose a favourite. This album just makes my belief firmer that the whole death metal genre is just getting better year by year.

The album is now out via Unique Leader Records, a label well known for their mixed collection of technicality, brutality and original Death Metal. The dark album cover art isn’t really suggestive of the actual music, so press play and let the aural annihilation begin.

Rating 4.5/5.

Grab/stream the digital here –

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