Premiere: Sweet Home Illusion – Verthebral


Paraguay’s Verthebral barged their way into our last staff list for the year like a giant flaming battering ram of epic proportions, and had most of us as giddy and excited as a personal injury lawyer at the sight of a car accident. Yep, this bunch of South American Death Metal mongers have managed to hit all the right buttons in regards to bringing you, the general public, precisely what you ask for if quality Death Metal tickles your fancy!


Sweet Home Illusion” is the seventh track from the album “Abysmal Decay“, which is out on the 27th of December via the always magnificent Transcending Obscurity Records, but be under no illusions at all, there is nothing sweet about this! Ferocious, unforgiving,  barbaric, and often unpredictable, Verthebral are exactly what you need in your life at this particular moment we assure you! Many thanks as always to TO! Get some into ya!

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