Album Review: The Door – Messora


“The Door” is the mammoth debut album of Canadian metallers Messora, and these guys have not only kicked down the door, they have torn it apart and blown it straight off its hinges.

This album has something for everyone with bits of everything within the seven tracks including prog, tech, groove, death, and melodic, but it’s so well fused together they make it all work brilliantly.  Okay, so there’s some riffs that may be influenced by more well-known bands, which I’ll leave up to the listener to decide, however this is so well constructed with combinations of colossally heavy riffs and lighting fast guitar leads, relentless blast beats that violently shove all the tracks along, and an imposing vocal range from clean to raspy to growls that make Messora rise above these associations by highlighting their own tight and technical musicianship, and show us all that they are highly skilled on their own merit with what they have dished up to us here.

Delving into the album you get to tracks like “The Pond” which shows the dark and menacing side of their talents, and although the tile track “The Door” starts with a slow tempo, it shows the more thrash/death side of Messora. Even “Tethered” which is a quick interlude of some beautiful guitar work, shows off their musical chops.

But for me, no track better illustrates their immense talent than “The Veil”. Nine minutes of titanic metal bliss is the only way I can describe it. From the rhythmic structures, commanding instrumental work, and the huge range of the vocalist, it just begs you to slap on the headphones or turn this sucker up to 10 and be mesmerised and astonished by the fucking journey.

Maybe it’s best not to try and classify Messora. Their range and versatility know no bounds, and if this standard of work is carried on, they could mould and develop into anything and become colossal world leading metallers, and then those of you who took the time to have a listen now can say that you heard their debut album before they got to next level giants and it was that fucking good. Bring on the next release fellas. I can’t wait!

Rating – 4.5/5

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