Album Review: Rotting Incarnation of God – Profanatica



‘Tis the season am I right everyone? I love this time of year. Family gatherings, dinners, opening presents and snagging a kiss from your love under the mistletoe, all while listing to such hits like, “Cursed Nazarene Whore” or “Mocked, Scourged and Shit Upon” and everyone’s favourite holiday tune, “Ordained in Bile“, from those endlessly lovable Christ hating blasphemers PROFANATICA!!!

That’s right just in time for the holidays we are gifted a rotted slab of beefy Blackened Death from these legends and what a present it is. If you were looking for anything to be different from these guys then you’re set for a lesson in disappointment. There is nothing different here, just blasting blasphemies, evil filthy riffs, and THE Paul Ledney spewing forth his hatred with putrid aggression, just the way we like it.

Endless blast beats ensue, starting off with, “Liturgy of Impurity” followed by “Prayer in Eclipse“, both being the first two songs to open this almighty fucker up. Paul sounds as filthy as ever, and the riffs here are ungodly, as they should be, blending a little doomy groove in there to mix up the full on assault. About a minute into the second song, you will be headbanging until your noggin flies right off into that crucified Jesus that you have on your wall, and you can trust me on that!

Profanatica - Photo

SACRAMENTAL CUM!!” Turns out to be not such a good thing to yell at your old lady neighbour but a great song title! Maybe my favourite song off the album, a blend of all of the elements that we love about Profanatica. Just an evil song that is sure to tie the whole family evening together. Again sorry Mrs. Hancock, I truly didn’t mean to scare you.

All in all, what a great piece of decaying Blackened Death from these guys who follow no trends and give us what we all need. Maybe the most crisp sounding Profanatica record production wise and that may turn some of the ‘KVLT’ off but it shouldn’t. Also great album art by the mighty Paolo Girardi who has here incorporated the band into the Nativity scene, and it’s so God damn cool. Gonna be seeing this on my end of the year list no question!

Rating – 5/5

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