Album Review: Primal Future: 2019 – Toxic Holocaust

Toxic Holocaust

I’m going to preface everything that follows with a bit of a back story so stay with me and hear me out. The Great Mackintosh (all Hail) sends me a copy of Toxic Holocaust new album “Primal Future: 2019”. In my excitement, I write back to the Great Mack (Bow down) and say I’d like to review it and it is all agreed. I sit down, clear the decks and listen to the album and think to myself, FUCK!!!!!!. Now don’t get me wrong, I love it, but how am I, a puny insignificant pundit, going to write a review that does “Primal Future: 2019” justice that others haven’t written beforehand. Well, what’s written below is my attempt at doing just that so hopefully it successfully conveys my sentiments.  

Don’t you love it when a band you have loved for ages brings out a new album and well you can’t help but love it. Every single minute of it. This is “Primal Future: 2019” and it’s shit hot. We’ve waited six long years since “Chemistry of Consciousness” and it’s more than worth that time. Listening to this is like pulling on your favourite and much-loved metal t-shirt. You know that it’s comfortable and that it brings with it many great memories. “Primal Future: 2019” will add more of these memories in spades. 

Toxic Holocaust’s mixture of aggressive punk style gravelly vocals and heavy, in your face hardcore thrash melodies, is loved by many and this album will not let the army down. This is an immense serving of solid meat and potatoes that give you exactly what you need when you need it, energy, fury, combined with the speed and vintage riffathons that they are famous for.

“Primal Future: 2019” is such good fun to listen to. Metal anthems abound that will detonate some frantic circle work even with just your mates in the lounge room. “Chemical Warlords” kicks off our forty minute journey with a mixture of furious punk rock vocals and some feverish riffing, thrash style. Hooks and riffs abound in “New World Beyond” and “Iron Cage” which are stripped down and just out and out vicious. Listen closely to “Controlled by Fear” and you might catch glimpses of where Power Trip took some of their vocal production lessons and style, then head off to “Cybernetic War” and hear whispers of The Clash. If its ominous sounding riffs that you crave, then the title track “Primal Future: 2019” should be your next stop and so it goes on with the other chaotic and mad tracks on this splendid album.

Listening to “Primal Future: 2019” has brought back some joyous memories of simpler times where music was raw, angry and full of defiance. For those that also want to remember those times but also want to listen to something that is still relevant and unsullied, this album is due out around the fourth October so write the date down in your diary or set a reminder in your calendar, dependant on your generation, and get a copy.

Rating – 4.5/5

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