Track Premiere: Crucifier – Bones


That mighty awesome label that just keeps on getting better by the day, yep, Transcending Obscurity Records, has again given us the honour of getting an absolutely crushing little ditty to you courtesy of Chicago based Death/Crust outfit Bones!

Crucifier” is one short, bloody beating around the temple with a rusty hammer, and is just one of the many ways with which Bones are going to break a lot of their namesakes come the 20th of September, when their new album “Diseased” is dropped at full force onto all of our collective heads, and that’s a fact.


Having been on the scene since 2011, Bones have really decided to snap some limbs on this, their third release. Powerful, abrasive, raw, and brutal, you will definitely know that they are not here to make friends with “Diseased“, they are out to set new heights to be reached by all the rest! Amazing stuff.

Line up –

Joe Warlord (Usurper) – Drums, percussion, vox

Carcass Chris (ex-Usurper) – All guitars, vox

Jon Necromancer (Doomsday, ex-Usurper) – Bass, vox

Artwork by Matt “Putrid” Carr (Undergang, Hooded Menace)

Layout and art direction by Francesco Gemelli (Master, Paganizer)

Track listing –

1. Blood, Diarrhea, and Tears
2. Mass Graves
3. Carrion Crows
4. Diseased
5. Stench of the Deceased
6. No One Matters
7. Down
8. Boozer
9. Broken Wheel
10. Crucifier
11. The Future is Now


Many thanks as always to Transcending Obscurity Records. Always a great thing when we get to share their excellence!

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