Interview: Jon Corston – Beyond Deth

jon corston

Our intrepid Meddlefan had a bit of a chat with Jon Corston from Chicago based Death/Thrash unit, Beyond Deth. First thing you need to do if you haven’t heard these guys, is just go fucking do it. Secondly, he seems like a good guy, and that in itself is even more of a reason to go check out and support their work. Support the underground folks, that’s what it’s all about. Anyway, over to Meddlefan!

Thank for taking time and doing this interview with me. First off, where did you grow up?

I grew up on the Northwest side of Chicago where I am still currently at.

What would you say is your favourite food?

I wish I could say all of it, but to narrow it down, tacos.

Do you like beer or do you prefer liquor?

Beer always. You can pace yourself.


What is the coolest thing you could say you have ever done?

Might sound weird, but the band lol, I’ve been able to meet tons of awesome people and go to places that I never thought I could go to.

Do you like high places?

I’m alright with heights, no fear of that.

What makes you tick? How do you come up with your music?

It’s basically my own life experiences and interests. I enjoy a good story and try to make each song stand on its own both musically and lyrically. This can be a big turnoff for some people since I also love multiple genres of metal and other forms of the craft and with that someone might love one song but hate another.

beyond deth proper
Have you ever raced a car?

Not professionally lol.

What type of guitar do you prefer?

Whatever just “feels” the best. I’ve owned some super cheap ones and some super expensive ones. The main one I use is a 1985 JTG Infinox and it’s honestly pretty crappy, but I feel the most creative and comfortable with it.

Why did you choose this particular guitar?

I found it at a pawnshop about 9 yrs ago. Just a body and neck. I took the time and spent the money getting tuners, kahler bridge, pots, pickups etc. It kinda became “my” guitar after putting so much effort into it.

Any tips about anything, anything at all that you find useful information to give the readers?

Take the time to research anything and everything. We live in the age of the internet, it’s not hard to not be stupid.

When can we look forward to the next album being released?

We are slated to release our next album through Vargheist Records for Spring/Summer of 2020.

Where are you playing live anytime soon?

Upcoming, we are performing in Fort Wayne Indiana Sept. 20th the Buffalo NY Sept. 21st

Do you like Chicago style pizza?

Like stuffed/deep dish pizza? It’s alright, not my favourite. I’d take a ma and pa style Italian style pizza over most others.

Where is your favourite place you have visited?

That’s tough, outside of music I really don’t travel much. I really did love the time spent in Minneapolis Minnesota a few summers ago.

Do you collect music?

I TRY…. it’s really really hard to keep up with everything nowadays. We have access to so much and for me it’s overwhelming most of the time. I’d like to continue but I still have a huge slab of albums I have to make the time to listen to.

beyond deth logo

Who is your favourite horror character and why?

Pinhead. Unemotional, highly intelligent with no remorse. He does what he is governed to do with a cold empty heart. A methodical villain that until the end of the 2nd film, probably thought he was doing the right thing all along.

Tell me something interesting about you.

I can wiggle my ears.

Well, there you go. Great guy, great band, and an ear wiggler. Meddlefan as always gets right to the questions you never think to ask, this is why we love him, As previously stated, if you haven’t heard Beyond Deth yet, you need to ask YOURSELF some serious questions. “The Age of Darkness” is one of the finest albums you will ever hear. The links below should help you. Thanks Jon! Great stuff!

vargheist proper






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