Album Review: Transcend – Engulf


Another year, another Engulf ep. The one man Death Metal project from New Jersey has been chugging out ep’s the last few years starting in 2017 with, “Subsumed Atrocities” 2018, “Gold and Rust” and the latest one for him this year, “Transcend” It’s safe to say this guy can sure write a fucking Death Metal song.

Staying consistent is the biggest strong suit for Engulf. Think Suffocation/Hate Eternal worship bringing a brutal barrage of heavy riffs with equally as filthy vocals and a very tight production, but doesn’t feel like it’s overly polished which in my opinion is a good thing.

From the start of the four song EP you are thrown in the, “Bane of Fire” to open it up. A great opener hitting you with the signature ‘beatdown breakdown’ style straight into the ferocious riff and of course BLAST BEATS. Toward the end the dissonance really sets in before the last riff of the song,  “THE BANE OF FIIIIREEEEE” Closes you out with the signature growl Hal does and right back into the breakdown to open the song up.


After the first song you’re coming back, “From Chasms Deep” which if you didn’t know the song changed you would think that it’s all part of the same number. Seamlessly flowing between songs is something Engulf has always done well and here is no different. Featuring an old label mate, Kyle Rasmussen of Vitriol, this song has no dissonance and is more of a straight forward piece aside from the guitar solo which adds a little dissonance to it.

Birthed Into an Empty Grave” is the third song along with “Drowned in The River Styx” to close it out, there is no shortage of riffs here, riffs that really implement the sound of Engulf. There are signature sounds to the music that sets it well apart. The vocals especially make it all stand out with a very distinct sound to them. Just like Frank Mullen and Suffocation, if you were to play an Engulf song the first thing I would notice by them are the vocals.

This rips but if you’re familiar with the band you wouldn’t be surprised. All three ep’s fucking rule and you need them. All we want now is a vinyl release with all three included. LOOKING AT YOU EVERLASTING SPEW RECORDS!

Rating – 5/5





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