Album Review: There Is Something Wrong – Aftermath


Technical Progressive Thrash Metal hey? Quite the mouthful, but really there can be no other way to describe this Chicago based juggernaut we have here before us. They’ve been lurking around in the Crossover/Thrash arena since around the mid eighties, and although they have added more of the technical aspect as time has gone on, they still remain pretty much true to their roots, as you will soon see! I have to mention that each and every member of this band is at the top of their class in the delivery of what they do, and I have to say that now because once you press play, it’s all too easy to just get so lost in this as a combined effort that you almost even forget they are there!

There Is Something Wrong” is a concept album, the concept being that the world is truly a fucked place to be in right in the here and now, and that maybe we should all open our eyes a little more and take note! Delivered through a deadly concoction of soundbites, spoken word, and just flat out aggressive music. Track three “Expulsion” for example is as creepy as fuck to be honest but really gets the atmosphere flowing, and combined with the vicious music of the above description, this is a really rather enjoyable ride into oblivion!

Obvious references can basically be any of the great Thrash bands from back in the day, but that is not to stay that they have decided to rest on their laurels and just stay in a certain time or place, because progressive is most definitely a word that sums their sound up nicely. “False Flag Flying” is a really interesting piece, with it’s implied suggestion that “There’s so much you don’t know”, and begins in an almost M.O.D/S.O.D sort of way. Has to be said that there can at times also be a little bit of System Of A Down thing going on too, and that’s not too be sneezed at, some of their earlier albums where as heavy as all fuck, and some of you just don’t wanna admit it!

Subliminal messages in aural form, suggestions slowly seeping into your awakening mind through both spoken words and a musical injection of sorts is the order of the day here. “Gaslight” is another prime example of how well Aftermath meld this all seamlessly together. Anthrax can also spring into mind, with the chanting of certain key phrases, then so can many an other band, but in the end this well and truly has their own stamp of excellence upon it.

Riffs a plenty, music to get you out on the streets to the sound of pent up fury, an utter thrashing and a condemnation of the global situation. That’s what they are putting down here. “A Handful of Dynamite” will see you doing just this, with a grin on your face and a knowing look in your eyes that simply states yes, I am aware, I have been informed, and this has to end one way or another. The enemy has been exposed.

This is pretty amazing, and so off kilter in parts that you just get sucked into each and every musical passage almost as if they are speaking to you, only you, and this was their intent all along, you are the chosen, and they have decided to make you their weapon of revolution. “Pseudocide” man, what a number, you’ll see exactly what I mean right there. “Scientists and Priest” – “They don’t give a fuck about you”, as they spread their foul disease, and they are God damn right, “They fucking lie”, ain’t that the truth!

“The system, it’s a scam, AND YOU’RE A FUCKING SLAVE”! “Smash Reset Control” shoves this simple fact straight down your throat in a direct Crossover/Thrash manner that would surely make D.R.I smile, nod, and agree. This is music to burn down cities to, not that I recommend that, not at all…Closer and titular track “There Is Something Wrong” could not end this on a better note if they tried. A blend of styles, and a damn good one at that. We are all a “Flock of idiots”, and we just have to take that squarely on the chin, because over the course of these eleven powerful, mixed up, and downright awesome tunes, if you’ve been listening closely you should have learned a thing or two. Bloody fantastic stuff. As for me? Well, I’ll see you on the streets real soon good people, it’s time we all made a stand. Who knows what the Aftermath will be..

Rating – 4.5/5

Get woke!

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