Album Review: Demo 1 – Acid Domain

acid domain

Ever love a band so much, that even if another grabs their style and runs with it, you love them too? Well, here’s one, Acid Domain, and fuck me with a hammer if this doesn’t end up being in my top ten this year. Why would a band that sounds pretty much like another be up there? Just fucking because they pull it off so well, and maybe even do a better job NOW than that band does now! Oh the blasphemy!

The band in question for me is Kreator, and fuck me with the rough end of a pineapple if Acid Domain don’t just nail their period when they where at their finest. This is total Kreator worship, and I now don’t just worship Kreator, I worship Acid Domain as well! Every single part of this album has perfectly replicated every one of the magnificent things that Kreator where capable of at their peak, and far from being any sort of rip off or some such, it is more of a wonderful homage to the masters!

Essentially this is a solo project from one of the coolest dudes you will ever have the pleasure of knowing, that being Mr. Jonny Pettersson. Yes, that dude with the world’s longest beard. He of Wombbath, Gods Forsaken, Just Before Dawn, Henry Kane, and a gazillion other awesome bands, one helluva bloke. He is also joined here and there by some other absolutely awesome blokes, them being our other good mate here at The Metal Wanderlust, Aaron Whitsell (Cropsy Maniac – fuck yes!) on track 4 “No God”, Mathew Davidson (Repulsive Vision, Wombbath – more fuck yes!) on track 6 “Pain and Darkness”, and last but not least, Teddy Möller (Loch Vostok, Wuthering Heights – fucking fuckety fuck yes!), on the first track, “Death to the World”.

Old School Thrash Metal perfection, seven tracks here, all killer and absolutely no filler. No point in cherry picking to give you lot out there examples, simply read the first two paragraphs again, and once more if you still don’t get the fucking point, and then go fucking buy it! DO IT NOW!!

Rating – 5/5

Well, what in the actual fuck are you waiting for!

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